Using AI For Essay Writing Would Be Considered “Assessment Offence”

Universities across the UK are warning that essays completed with AI will be counted as cheating

April 5th, 2023- The UK. ChatGPT is a language model that is making headlines for its unmatched capability to generate human-like responses. The AI chatbot has been trained on a large corpus of data, which makes it a powerful tool for language support. However, relying on ChatGPT for completing essay assignments can be risky for students from now on.

Since its launch in December, ChatGPT has gained immense popularity among university students, however, the capabilities of generating natural language text are limited considering the level of higher education in the UK.

Students are relying on this software to generate essays within minutes. An essay question for which they used to take more than two weeks is now getting done within minutes. However, the convenience might end up being expensive for students because a spokesperson at the University of Bristol using Artificial Intelligence for writing an essay would be considered a form of cheating.

Lecturers at the University of Bristol reviewed the essay turned in with the help of the chatbot and commented that English is acceptable, however, the language model is far from perfect when it comes to critical analysis. Therefore, using ChatGPT for answering the essay question might not be of great help to university students.

Conventional anti-plagiarism software cannot detect the answers generated by AI, however, it takes a few seconds for a lecturer to spot the difference. Therefore, students are warned that using ChatGPT might be considered against the assessment regulations.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of the West of England also commented that technology has its own limitations. Students are not expected to rely on a language model to find answers to questions which are crucial for their academic careers. Relying on software might save their time but the answers generated might not be helpful to a student in the long run. Moreover, academic staff can instantly determine whether the essay is written by a real student or finished from the AI perspective.

Indeed, ChatGPT is trained on a large amount of data, however, the answers generated are nowhere near the academic standards expected at Universities. Moreover, the cautionary notice issued by universities also suggests that students should limit the usage of AI and focus on hard work to attain success.


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