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Critically analyse and discuss the statement that many organizations experience that diversity efforts are facing consistent resistance in current times.

Hughes (2018) published a study on utilizing diversity intelligence. In the study, the author reaffirmed that diversity initiatives which are introduced by human resource development professionals are not adequate enough. To underpin the study, evidence was presented from the Department of Labor Settlements, the complaints by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions. To further examine the notable issues in the workplace environment of contemporary organizations, the study was based on the passive aggressive behavioural issues towards the protected class employees. To further analyse the given statement, the study aims to identify the termed ‘consistent resistance’ in the form of the politics of economic liberalization. According to the results presented in the empirical study by Sternlight (2020), the leaders in an organisation are compelled to Read More…

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Academic success is hard to achieve. Especially, where there are so many assignments, reports, presentations are there and all of them require your constant dedication round the clock. Working on assignments all day long is not possible. The idea behind homework is to enhance your learning capabilities, but if it’s causing stress then it’s doing more harm than good. Rather than creating stressful situations around you, just share your assignment specifications and our subject experts will offer you the best-priced genuine academic solutions. We are industry leading academic helpers that offer myriads of services.


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Academic writing requires that you must possess the knowledge about using the evidence appropriately in your assignments. Using someone else’s work without proper citation may result in plagiarism. To avoid the situation, you need to focus on your skills to cite correctly. Neither correct nor complete citations might result in poor grades, if that’s troubling you a lot, then Treat Assignment Help can be your saviour. Our experts craft the most genuine assignments with well-referenced and properly cited papers. We have years of experience and comply with university guidelines for APA, MLA, Harvard and other referencing styles. 

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Before you submit an assignment, you need to make sure that the papers are free from all sorts of errors. Apart from the grammar and syntax errors, there might be problems with the structure of your sentence, the evidence may be outdated or the logics is not well-organized. All of this requires close scrutiny. You can rely on our experts for finding every minute error in your assignments. We have a dedicated quality assurance team for the task and make sure to proofread every paper twice before delivery. 

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