You are very cautious about your assignments and also using an automated checker but still, your tutors are able to pinpoint errors you’ve made. After so much hard work, you receive poor feedback and low grades because of silly grammatical mistakes; depressing, isn’t it? 

Well, that’s why many scholars from across the UK trust our manual essay editing services. The manual process is the most reliable and effective method to find errors. Treat Assignment Help can assist you to overcome the fear of lowering grades. We are ranked as #1 for offering professional and reliable essay proofreading services in the UK. 

We are the best choice for academic proofreading services, as our services are thoughtfully aimed to cater to the additional support you need. Either it’s the improvement feedback that you want to work upon or manually proofread the entire essay to find out the pitfalls in the tone, structure or logical flow of the arguments, we have got you covered. 

A great team of Assignment writers, editors and qualified proofreaders is on board to offer you tailor-made assignment help. Get in touch to know more about our essay editing and proofreading services. 

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How do Our Essay Editing and Proofreading Services Work?

We have a vast team of error-finding experts who can proofread and submit a paper within hours. Essay proofreading is not only limited to finding silly spelling or grammatical errors in your paper. Sometimes, it is important to know that the points you have made in your essay are expressed clearly and in a well-organized flow. If you want to elevate the level of your essay writing skills, you can get our essay writing help. Besides, we have essay editors on board, who can work on the following categories to help you achieve the grades you desire.

  • Spelling errors: No tutor would admire a strong piece of writing with sloppy spelling. If you have one, give it to us before submission. We have a highly qualified team offering essay proofreading services to find out the vital spelling errors in university assignments

  • Syntax errors: You must have had an encounter before that bad grammar can make or break your assignment. It is time-consuming and a daunting task to correct essays with bad grammar syntax, if you have a similar one due, you can rely on our academic proofreading services

  • Structural errors: Essays are basically an act of tying up all your ideas and arguments together in a flow. If there are structural errors in the flow of the arguments you might face difficulty in getting the expected grades. We are the best UK essay editing service backed by a team of certified essay writers. They know how to correct the poor structure and improve the essay.  We promise to deliver a logically flowing piece of writing with a clear and concise intro paragraph and a well-organized essay body. 


  • Citation and referencing errors: Copying the information from the internet won’t make your essay scoring. In fact, you might face serious consequences of improper citation. Referencing and citation errors are pretty common and very hard to notice for some students. You can contact us as we deliver properly referenced essays with adherence to university guidelines. 

  • Plagiarism check: Before submission, you need to assess the authenticity and originality of your work. If you are unsure about the ingenuity of our essay, give it to us. As we are providing essay writing help to ensure that the piece you are going to submit is 100% original and won’t result in plagiarism accusations.  

  • Layouts and fonts: Believe it or not, the layout, fonts and presentation also play a crucial role in the grades you get. The funky fonts might look good in your bullet journal but they are not a good choice for an academic essay. Get your essay triple-checked with our offered proofreading services in the UK where we make sure to leave nothing to chance and edit the entire piece top to bottom to make it look professional. 

  • Feedback improvements: Be it your word choices, lack of evidence or poorly structured arguments, whatever be the feedback, share it with us. We can help you address the improvements suggested by the tutors and ensure that you can the highest grades for the hard work you have done. 

Benefits of availing the #1 UK Essay editing service

When you avail our essay editing and proofreading services you can get assured about certain things, such as:

  • Highly qualified academic experts

  • Years of proofreading and editing experience

  • Subject matter expertise from 5+ academic disciplines

  • A genuine team that follows manual proofreading 

  • Fastest turnaround times to edit within hours 

  • Tailor-made services to match your needs 

Personalized editing proofreading service

The most qualified academics at Treat Assignment Help are here to help. We also offer essay writing services to enhance your learning capabilities. However, if you just want the touch-ups you can choose from the below categories of essay editing and proofreading services. 

  • Detailed proofreading: We offer essay proofreading services in the UK to remove any chance of inconsistencies related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, layout, font, numbering and terminology. 

  • Comprehensive editing: For more thorough corrections, you can choose our comprehensive essay editing services, where we also eliminate the errors related to reference credibility, sentence structure, logic, relevance, argument flow or writing style. 

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We are the experts in delivering satisfaction. We have ranked as the most trusted UK essay editing service because we have a competitive pricing band, our service is genuine, we have academic experts on board and we are happy to revise the work we have done for you. One of the top-rated proofreading agencies in the UK is available round the clock. No matter how tight the deadline is, call us or request a quote to get the structure, layout and clarity issues of your academic essays being resolved within hours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when editing or proofreading an academic essay?

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes are most common, you can rely on an automated checker for these. However, for a more thorough check, you need to perform manual proofreading. Make sure to look for sentence structure, repetitive phrases, reference relevance, and flow of arguments in the essay.

What is the benefit of using essay editing services?

There are many academic benefits of hiring editors and proofreaders. For instance, the service can be time-saving. It is a convenient option to find out the errors that are otherwise hard to pinpoint if you edit the essay on your own. Finding a reliable proofreader ensures that the ideas are expressed correctly and logically, which eventually helps you enhance your academic career.

How quickly can you edit and proofread my essay?

We are renowned for offering tailor-made proofreading services in the UK. As each order is different, we prefer that our clients guide us on the delivery deadline. However, we have a vast team of subject experts from varied academic disciplines who can check and resolve the errors with thorough proofreading within hours. For an essay of 3000 words expect our clients to wait for at least 24 hours, however, we can also serve deadlines as early as 6 to 8 hours.

What if I am not happy with the quality delivered?

We are a trusted source of academic help in the UK. We aim to attain 100% client satisfaction. If you or your tutor is not happy with the quality, we are happy to look again and revise as guided. That too, without any extra fees.

What is the procedure you follow to edit an essay?

The first step is to discuss the issues with the student. Second, we find a dedicated subject expert to assign the task. Then we follow a manual proofreading process to focus on key things like an evaluation of the evidence, language inconsistencies, grammar usage, reader-centered flow of arguments and sentence structure.

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