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How to use activity-based accounting for cost management?

Implementing a costing system requires a long list of indicators. The indicators are basically cost drivers. The easiest example of cost drivers is maintenance cost or electricity bills. To use activity-based costing to set up the price per unit for a product, you need to first understand these drivers. There are two types of drivers, i.e.

  • Transaction drivers and 

  • Duration drivers

Activity Based Accounting For Cost Management

Both these drivers are useful in understanding the duration and occurrence of overhead cost activities. Through accurate indication of overhead cost activities, an organization can improve its cost management system processes. Based on the product-level or unit-level activity, the managers can allocate and transfer accurate costs in the right direction. Using this concept, managers can identify the five essential outputs for accurate pricing decisions, such as:

  • Business process activity cost

  • Cost of activities which are non-value-added

  • Calculation of performance measures through cost drivers

Progressive organizations are implementing activity-based costing systems twice as likely for budget analysis. Though the integration requires a sophisticated system, realistic allocation can effectively solve the challenge to a greater extent. If you are confused about the cost drivers or find it hard to calculate the overhead costs using the given formulas, you can always get in touch with us. We have the best activity-based finance assignment experts on board. Owing to their subject knowledge, we have become the top-rated service to offer quality academic guidance to university scholars. 

Example of activity-based costing at Coco-Cola

Activity-based costing is incredibly useful for organizations to determine accurate pricing. Regardless of the size of the business, a consumer company must implement the techniques and processes for better decision making. If you want to consider a real-world example, then the globally known beverage manufacturer, Coco-Cola is a perfect choice. The vast portfolio of products by Coco-Cola has made it important to determine the price points by determining the overhead costs. For accurate calculation of cost systems, the company differentiates between the standard global products and the customized local products. Obviously, the standards products are developed in larger batches and therefore the overhead activities are larger as compared to the smaller and custom batches. Although the sales cost for custom batches is higher which makes the profit per unit higher for this segment. To understand how do we calculate the overhead cost or profit per unit for the beverages, you can contact our experts. Our subject experts offer the most credible and 100% unique and plagiarism free management assignment help

How can our activity-based accounting assignment experts help?

Most managers consider activity-based costing as a controlling activity essential to control the cost. The shift from traditional performance measurement standards towards activity-based costing calculations is highly relevant and thus becomes a key career choice for accounting scholars. You can connect with our experts to get your basics cleared. From product mix to pricing and other key decisions can be made when your fundamentals are clear. Our subject experts can guide you to understand the following concepts:

  • Activity-based costing: We can provide the most scoring and easy to understand examples so that you can understand and submit an impressive assignment based on a radical change in the costing processes. 

  • Activity-based management: Solving a case study based on companies that have implemented the activity-based management system is quite challenging. Sometimes students can’t find the relevant evidence or it becomes a time-consuming task. Don’t worry you can hire us for the task. 

  • Activity-based analysis process: There are various kinds of confusing terminology that you need to learn while writing about the analysis process. Get your basics cleared with the help of our PhD experts. 

  • Implementation of activity-based costing system: To demonstrate your understanding of the costing system, you need to submit assignments based on real-world examples. If you want to know whether Apple or Amazon implement the activity-based costing system, you can contact our experts and get reasonably priced solutions. 

  • Cost control techniques: Overhead control, standard costing, budgeting and whatnot! The list of techniques is endless and quite overwhelming. Those who are clueless about the concepts and don’t know which of the recommended readings are useful to quickly write the assignments can get help from our experts.

Best Activity Based Accounting Assignment Tutors

What makes us the best activity-based accounting assignment tutors?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relevance of activity-based accounting?

The relevance indicates its significance in determining the accurate pricing. The concept helps to identify the overhead costs and value adding cost drivers. It allows the managers to make informed decisions and identify the cheaper alternatives of production if available. Tracing these activities leads to better management, better service and eventually overall success to achieve the organizational objectives of profitability and growth.

How to calculate the overhead cost using activity-based costing?

The calculation of activity-based costing addresses all the activities required in manufacturing a product. It basically points out the changes that occurred during production, for instance, maintenance and testing. To figure out the overhead cost, the simple formula is to divide the direct costs by the indirect cost and multiply by 100. To use the formula, first, you have to list all the expenses and the allocation measures. To get some easy to understand examples of overhead cost calculation, you can contact our subject experts. We have years of expertise in drafting the high scoring accounting assignments.

What are the examples of activity-based costing?

To calculate activity-based costing, the analyst has to identify all the activities including cost pool and the cost driver. Here cost pool is the product and the cost driver is an activity that causes the change in the cost, such as electricity bills and storage costs. The best example of activity-based costing is the number of labour hours and the amount of electricity bill occurred at a production unit. For more guidance on how to calculate the activity-based costing inputs, you can contact our experts. Treat Assignment Help is the trusted entity for accounting assignment help and can deliver the most reasonably priced 100% plagiarism-free papers within the agreed time frame.

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