Mathematics, a subject of numbers and logic is often considered a difficult and complex one due to the lengthy numerical, calculations and equations it involves but its contribution is immense in revolutionising the world. Nowadays computer science and artificial intelligence have made their dominant in every aspect of human life. Do you know who is credited for introducing these concepts? Alan Turning, A renowned British mathematician who is considered as the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.

Moreover are you aware that with whose contribution the binary operations in technology have been made possible? Well, the answer is Aryabhatta, the famous Indian mathematician who invented the number Zero, an essential of the binary language. So, it is a significant subject for university students but when it comes to completing homework, students may face some challenges. In this article, the ways to overcome them will be discussed.

Importance of Mathematics

  • In Daily Life - Most of the day-to-day activities can not be completed without the application of math as managing money, preparing food, travelling, playing and managing time it is needed.

  • In Education - The educational purpose of this subject is to build mental discipline and logical reasoning among the students by encouraging rigorous mental activities. Understanding equations and then applying them to do calculations fosters critical thinking and problem-solving ability students. 

  • In Technology - Maths is one of the basic elements of technology because for building algorithms, analysing data, presenting stats, and developing binary machines specific mathematical formulas and equations are applied.

Maths Topics in Which Students Face Difficulties

  • Trigonometry

  • Abstract Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Algorithms

  • Calculus

  • Permutation and combination

  • Topology

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  • AI Prohibited - Nowadays, the increased use of AI tools by service providers for completing homework has put the career of students at risk. So our policy prohibits the use of AI tools so that students’ career is not compromised and the university’s code of conduct is maintained. 

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