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Introduction to Botany

Our Botany Assignment Helpers can guide you if you ever feel stuck about the scientific study of plants. Your assignments are often related to the molecular properties of plant life and evolution. 

Plant life is an umbrella term and encompasses a broad range of organisms including bacteria, algae, mosses and various other organisms. 

Classification principle in botany

Carolus Linnaeus the Swedish botanist from the 18th century is referred to as the father of classification. According to standardized relationships, plants and similar living organisms can be classified on the basis of kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. Apart from this, you can draft assignments based on the following types of classification:

  • Artificial system: Categorises plants based on the morphologies

  • Natural system: The classification identified natural features and anatomy

  • Phylogenetic system: It helps in understanding the evolutionary history of species

  • Phenetics system: This classification is done by eliminating the subjectivity

  • Cladistic system: The classification helps in determining evolutionary traits 

Molecular properties of plants

Understanding the molecular properties is essential to determine the primary source of energy and functioning of molecules that support the cells. Scientific evidence denotes that a plant molecule comprises macromolecules; carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids. When writing about cell genetics, you need to ensure the difference between RNA and DNA. If you are clueless about the sources of relevant information or need timely guidance to draft a compelling paper on botanical hierarchy, you can contact our experts for botany and science coursework help

Identified risks and dangers for plant species

Be it environmental risks or man-made dangers, plant species are apparently in danger. According to studies larger percentage of forest acres are lost annually. There are various causes of deforestation including urbanisation and development.


Air pollution and acid rains account for the biggest reasons behind damaged plant biodiversity. Moreover, the diminishing ozone layer is resulting in ultraviolet radiation that affects plant morphology as well as genes. 
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Human population

Millions of acres of forest loss are reported annually. Due to the increasing population, more space and resources are required for urban development. As a result, the devastating impact of deforestation is becoming apparent.

Climate change

Extreme temperatures and too much precipitation are evidently affecting plant growth throughout the world. If you are not sure which references would look most compelling for your botany assignment, then stop stressing out and simply give us a call. We are here to offer round-the-clock academic writing guidance.

Biodiversity preservation

The environmental catastrophe occurring all around the globe requires rigorous efforts for biodiversity preservation. One effective piece of evidence is seed banks. Global seed banking primarily plays a key role in protecting the natural habitat of plants.
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The specialisation of our Botany Assignment Help Experts 

Our assignment writers have decade-long expertise in meeting and exceeding the expectations of students from across the UK. Every week, we receive queries for coursework help and assignments for UG and PG courses. After delivering thousands of papers on botany subjects, we have gained specialisation in the following subdisciplines:

  • Molecular biology 

  • Biochemistry  

  • Biophysics 

  • Systematics

  • Anatomy 

  • Taxonomy  

  • Phycology  

  • Palaeobotany 

  • Cytology 

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Thousands of UK scholars count on us for timely delivery of essays, reports, projects, lab sheets and dissertations on various disciplines of botany. You can connect with us right now if you need expert guidance for cytology, palaeobotany, astrobotany, plant breeding, plant pathology, mycology, dendrology and more similar disciplines.

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Research is the key to scoring higher in botany assignments. If your concepts are not clear, you need to read more and pick evidence from the most credible resources. The theories and concepts of botany are very interesting to learn but you can find it difficult to draft a compelling assignment when you are running short of time. Let us help you with all the definitions, examples, diagrams, tables and statistics that are required to make an assignment high scoring. Contact now and get a quote for botany assignment writing from Treat Assignment Help.

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