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Assignment Help for Strategic Management

Strategic management assignment help would assist students to find out the most effective methods, tools, frameworks, and concepts to define how an organization attains its specific objectives and business goals.

We have a vast team of qualified writers who have delivered thousands of papers based on the basic model of strategic management. After much research, if you still feeling overwhelmed to conduct the external environmental analysis of Amazon or the business model strategy of Amazon, then don’t worry call us. We can assure you 100% plagiarism-free strategic management assignment help in a timely manner.

What is Strategic Management?

In the book titled “Essentials of Strategic Management ” Hunger (2020) defines the concept of strategic management as a two-fold process to determine how an organization will perform in the long run.  The managerial decisions of strategic management involve:

  • Evaluation of external threats and opportunities
  • Implementation of new strategic directions

Basic Model of Strategic Management

Steps of defining actions and taking strategic decisions are based on the evaluations of the external environment. It encompasses the basic strategic model of strategic management.

Strategic Management

Referring to the basic elements, the first step of the process of strategic management is monitoring and evaluating the information derived from the internal and external environment of an organization.  To identify the threats and opportunities to an organization’s performance, managers scan the external environmental entities.

External Environmental Analysis

Before defining the other elements of the strategic management process, managers conduct an external environmental analysis to scan the natural, societal, and task environment of an organization.

Natural Environment: Factors that form the ecological system for an organization

Societal Environment: Economic, technological, political, legal, and socio-cultural forces that impact the long term decisions of an organizations

Task Environment: Forces that directly impact the short-term organizational operations such as suppliers, labor unions, customers, governmental and communities etc.

External Environmental Analysis of Amazon- PESTLE Analysis

One significant strategic management tool used to identify the threats and opportunities of the external environment is PESTLE Analysis. To safeguard future success, Amazon can use the PESTLE analysis to scan the environmental variables. The tool defines monitoring and evaluation of political, economic, social-cultural, technological, legal, and ecological forces.  For instance, GDP trends, employment levels, telecommunication infrastructure, foreign trade regulations, consumer activism, and more

Amazon is one of the largest players in the online retailing industry. Apart from that, the organization is gaining expansive market reach with its offered technology services. The American Multinational is doing business profitably because of its business model strategy of B2B and B2C.

With help of PESTLE Analysis, Amazon’s managers can conduct comprehensive risk management. To identify the risks and threats, one needs to perform external environmental analysis. Our subject experts can guide you with the most trusted data and resources to efficiently conduct the PESTLE Analysis for Amazon. We are providing strategic management assignment help to students all around the UK. To avail the papers of a comprehensive analysis of the business model strategy and strategic management strategies of Amazon, call us right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It refers to scanning, evaluation, and monitoring of forces, factors, events, and situation outside the organizational structure. The study of economic, demographic, political, social, technological aspects falls under external environmental analysis. Analysis of such forces is important to identify the risks and threats to an organization’s performance.

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce company thus technological forces create a direct and immediate impact on organizational performance. Apart from this, an in-depth PESTLE analysis of external environmental factors would help to highlight the factors such as legal regulations, environmental protection regulations, and consumer activism creating Amazon’s external environment.

Amazon is the biggest online retail company that also offers cloud computing and technology services. The organization runs on the B2B model to serve the needs of business customers and its other business units such as Prime and eCommerce models are also a mix of B2B seller programs and B2C business models. The major business model strategy of Amazon is to run platform businesses.