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Are you a CIPD student or thinking of pursuing it? Like any other field of study, in this also you will be given a lot of assignments. While doing CIPD assignments you may feel blank and out of words. Let me tell you that if you are under the correct guidance then writing an essay is not much difficult. As a part of your HR or L&D CIPD certification, we are required to complete CIPD assignments which are very important. So, if you want your certificate in one go without any problem then it is a must that you can write a top-quality assignment that has fulfilled the exact word count. You can take CIPD assignment help to write a quality assignment. If you want to write an assignment by yourself then in this article, we have discussed everything that you need to know to write a good quality CIPD assignment.

Know about the CIPD course

Before you start pursuing CIPD you need to know about the course only when you can write a great CIPD assignment. So, we will define about CIPD course first for your clear understanding.  CIPD is the abbreviation for Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, it is an autonomous institute of chartered. CIPD is committed to promoting competency among professional HR bodies and to bringing effectiveness to the various operation of businesses. CIPD was founded centuries ago and the royal charter gave it the license for its operation all across the UK. It is not only limited to the UK only, today it becomes popular in various other places which include its office in Asia. For, 100 years and more CIPD is known for its excellence in learning development and HR which has currently 140,000 members globally.  Those HR professionals who are CIPD qualified and have the certificate of the same can only get the membership of CIPD. Though, different CIPD qualification has different membership.

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Structure of CIPD

There are three levels available for the CIPD structure in addition to that people belonging to different career points are provided with three different qualifications. We will discuss below.

Level 3 CIPD

In the different facets of Human Resources, the practicing people will be provided with a foundation certificate of CIPD level 3. If you want to develop in yourself the critical skills and competencies of HR then it will be a great help to you. Not only that it will also help you perform effectively by providing you with courage and expertise.
To get the certification of level 3 CIPD you need to complete all four core units. With this, you will level up your value in your organization and your HR role completely.

Level 5 CIPD

A diploma in organizational learning and development or people management is associated with CIPD level 5. You will learn about the challenges that come in the organization from a comprehensive perspective. Such challenges are commonly faced by L&D practitioners or HR, if you want to strengthen your various skills like problem-solving, analytical, and decision making then it will help you a lot.
To get the diploma certificate of Level 5 CIPD then you need to complete the following, 3 specialist HR/L&D units, 3 core modules, and 1 optional unit.

Level 7 CIPD

This is the highest level of CIPD which is a diploma in Strategic People Management and Strategic Learning and Development. Learning this will help you to gain the ability and knowledge for implementing and developing innovative and strategic solutions through which you as an HR or L&D can support the growth of your organization and its performance.
To get the advanced diploma certificate of Level 7 then you need to complete 4 core modules, 1 optional unit, and 3 specialist units.

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Tips for writing CIPD assignment

In the CIPD course, you don’t only have to study its various concepts and then reproduce them in your assignment. In addition to that if you want to deliver an applicable L&D or HR solution you have to do a deep analysis of the subjects and then have to deliver it. 

If you want to progress to the next level of CIPD then you have completed the level before it. We have shared some useful tips below to write a good quality CIPD assignment if you want to score top marks.


If you are a beginner then it is suggested that you have to prepare it well. after getting your assignment brief check for the submission date carefully. When you have a clear idea about the submission date then it will be easy for you to plan out your assignment. You can plan the outline, research study, draft, and writing, and then submit the assignment. Planning will make the writing of your assignment easy.

Don’t limit your ideas

Find a quiet place for you where there will be no distractions and you can write your assignment without any disturbance. Work on your ideas. Whatever idea comes to your mind for your assignment just write it down. You don’t need to be a perfectionist for that.

Keep citing perfectly

One of the important parts of your assignment is the citation and referencing. If you have done correct citation and referencing then you have already written a winning assignment. Put valid and authentic citations and references.

The final lookout

In the conclusion make sure you are perfectly mentioning or concluding that you have talked about in the assignment. Give attention to your word count. Check for grammatical a spelling mistakes. Proofread your work properly at the end.

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What is the use of CIPD assignment help?

With CIPD assignment help you can get quality written assignments which will be a great help to both students and HR professionals. It makes sure that we are scoring well on your assignment.

What is the word count for CIPD Level 7 assignment?

For the CIPD assignment, the word count must not exceed 3300 words, if it exceeds that it will not be taken to count. No penalty for projects which have 2700 words.

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It is found that the rating of CIPD assignment help has 3.95 stars out of 19. It indicates that a maximum number of customers are satisfied with the service.

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