Generative AI Can Transform The MBA Education

The new era of tech teaching can help in overcoming the significant application drops for MBA programs

Microsoft announced the integration of the generative AI ‘Copilot’ into its Office Suite. This is considered a groundbreaking development because users will be able to leverage AI technology through commonly used platforms like Word and Excel. It is reported that the integration of AI will be helpful in improving efficiency for routine tasks like emails, analysis and presentations. Copilot is significantly going to streamline the workflow and boost productivity and performance standards at organisations.

Education analysts are anticipating that this AI generative model is exactly what MBA students need. However, the disruption in B-school programs cannot be overlooked. It is reported that the market for management programs is bifurcated, where top-level schools are high in demand because of their cutting edge curriculum. Some of these elite universities have long term associations with businesses and entrepreneurs and leverage their programs to establish placement opportunities.

On the other hand, a report by the Graduate Management Admission Council revealed that 60% of MBA programs are slumping. The decline is massive in part-time MBA programs. GMAC conducted a survey to identify the reason for application drops. It was revealed by the survey respondents that the educational value is not worth it in online programs. Although, these responses were recorded before the launch of generative AI and it is assumed that technologies like Copilot is what exactly needed to transform MBA education.

AI can be particularly helpful for MBA education with the offered benefits of customized learning, offering simulations based on real world scenarios, providing analysis of larger data sets instantly, proving itself as an intelligent tutor, and the benefit of AI powered analysis for informed decision making in critical scenarios.

Universities that have long term associations with the tech community can leverage the above listed benefits from AI. Although, the bigger concern is MBA programs that still use outdated practices of textbooks and lecture notes.

To overcome the obstacles, curriculum innovation becomes crucial. Although, dropping the decade old curriculum to integrate AI might lead to the retirement of experienced and talented faculty. Hence, it is identified that curricular administration needs to welcome technology with new teaching platforms.

The educational value deficit in over 60% of MBA programs can be tackled with the AI revolution. If a B-school anticipates pioneering the market of MBA, they must embrace the technology in the next 1-3 years. Universities that will not integrate curricular governance to establish tech teaching might face a crisis.


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