UK Graduates Say Going to University Helped Them Land Their Dream Job

According to the survey, 7 out of 10 people say that pursuing graduation from UK universities has helped them to get the most ambitious placements that they were seeking. Students give credit to the university for the best studying environment and by giving the practical curriculum of education which helps the student to become job ready.

How UK universities have helped graduates get good jobs?

  • After going to UK Universities 60% of students have claimed job security. They have increased their capacity to bear the cost of living abroad. 
  • According to the study, the value of completing graduation from a UK university is more than pursuing it from other universities outside the UK. Behind, the picture universities play a huge role in fulfilling the dream of every individual to be placed in a reputed company with job security.
  • 78% of the strength of the UK universities claim that they have good support from the universities which helps them to reach better positions earlier. Business owners also prefer the candidate who studied at UK universities. 
  • Graduates from universities believe that pursuing graduation from a UK university has helped them to get a good starting package. Students also believe that these universities have a broad network with the private sector industry in Uk which helped them to get jobs easily.
  • According to the research of the Department of Education, the report has forecasted that if you are the first child who is graduated from a UK university in your family then there is a high chance that the person studying at a UK university will get a good starting package then the person studying in other university. UK universities focus on the overall development of the students not only focus on the academic growth of the person.

Business owner's sights on UK graduates

  • According to past data, universities play an equal role in students' professional careers across UK businesses. They open the door for UK graduates in the job market and they also help in finding a better job role for the graduates. To start a professional career one doesn’t need to be from a strong financial background or have a compulsory higher education. Even, graduates from a UK university get good job opportunities. 
  • Business owners have agreed that 79% of UK university graduates give credit to the universities for teaching them the professionally required skills. 
  • Business owners also support the skills taught in UK universities they focus on the practical aspect rather than the theoretical aspect of education. Business owners believe that the candidate who has graduated from universities in the UK has more transferable skills than the other person concerning the skills required for working in UK businesses.
  • According to the survey, 78% of business owners believe that graduates from UK universities have a high chance of getting into the managerial position much faster and the graduates have given the credit6 to their universities to reach the managerial position at an early age.
  • Tamzin Lena Burch is the first person who graduated from a university in the UK. She has graduated from Derby University, Uk believes that the university has helped her to step out of her comfort zone and work at her potential. She also said that as the first child in her family to do her graduation from a UK university has helped her to reach a position that she could never imagine as not an A-level candidate.
  • President of the UK Universities Sir Steve West, claims that a few Russell Group universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London, do not have a large number of vacancies in the courses they offer because they can not have a huge capacity of students.


Graduates from a UK university give 73% credit to their universities for providing them with the best curriculum among other universities. Business owners also say that graduates from Universities in the UK help reach managerial positions at the early stage of their life. Businesses also believe that these universities make their students efficient in the skills which are required by businesses in the Uk. For people who are seeking to start their professional journey with a good package Universities in the Uk can be a great place for you to graduate as they have a good network with the private sector businesses which help them to reach their goal directly.


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