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Human Resources, popular as HR deals with the administration of individuals in an organization. The scope of Human Resource Management is broad and extensive. The main intention of an organization’s human resources department is to see a growth in the employees’ performance in important business objectives. A human resource expert works to maintain the balance between the individuals working in the organization and the business systems and policies.

Human Resources can be treated as sub-branch of human relations development during the rise of the industrial era which in turn was originated from public relations. The Human Resource focuses majorly on activities like talents administration, mergers and acquisitions, work relations, employee satisfaction, Negotiation and People Management, hiring and reduction in employee churn.

Human Resource is an important topic in business administration and MBA students often have to write thesis on this subject area, as it helps them to get ready for professional challenges to be coming. In renowned MBA universities, students are asked to solve various case studies and write many Human Resource assignments, work on related projects and hypothetical situations to improve their understanding and enhance their skills.

A human resource expert needs to have a clear understanding of the following aspects:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Compensations and Benefits
  • Compliance with the Policies
  • Safety and Facilities at the workplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best practices of employee relations can be studied by the performance of HR department of top organizations worldwide. To find case study solutions based on employee relations you can call our team members. We are available round the clock to offer timely guidance on HR case studies.

To improve specific performance of employees, HR department conduct training programs. If you are to conduct a research on employee training areas, then you need to get written consent from organization and then conduct interviews or observations. To get quick guidance or complete solution you can also get online help from our team.

To conduct a literature review, you need to plan and organize your research as per your given topic. Refine your search strategy by using ‘and’ and ‘or’ operators. You can use online databases where current and most trusted research and reports on HRM can be found with full access to the content.


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