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Conflict Management Assignment Writing Services

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Question: Conflict involves a disagreement between two parties which can be handled using a problem-solving model. Consider yourself in a role of a manager and discuss any one problem-solving model to determine how a leader acts in conflict situations to make sure that workplace efficiency is not disturbed.

Solution:  Analysis of the conflict Using the Thomas-Kilman Model: Conflict situations are hard to ignore, especially at a workplace where the chances of incompatible people working together are higher. People at a workplace are supposed to be working as a team, however, when an individual makes attempts to fulfil their concerns situation of conflict may arise. To resolve the issue, a manager plays a vital role in peacebuilding. They also ensure that workplace efficiency is not affected due to the conflict. The presented study is focused on conflict-handling modes practised by a leader. For the purpose of this study, the two-dimensional conflict mode instrument presented by Thomas (1994) has been implemented…Read More

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We have ex-professors and research specialists on board to write about conflict management topics. Owing to their skilled expertise we have become able to hold specialization in this academic discipline. You can contact us at any time and get quality guidance on the below-mentioned topics:

  • Types of conflict

  • Types of conflict resolution skills

  • Conflict resolution models

  • Intercultural conflict

  • Conflict management

  • Conflict management projects

  • Case studies to prevent conflict

  • Conflict management steps

  • More

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the strategies of conflict management?

Basically, there are five strategies that are practised by scholars and conflict resolution managers. The first strategy is to avoid and hope that the problem resolves on its own. If it fails, the other useful strategies are accommodating, compromising, competing and collaborating. To write an in-depth assignment about these conflict resolution strategies, you can contact our subject experts at any time.

What is an example of a conflict of interest?

Conflict of interest can be studied in the decision making context. For example, when a manager hires a relative who is underqualified for the position. The relation between the two might impact the manager’s capability to resolve conflict. To write a case study about conflict of interest with a real-world example, contact the PhD writers available at Treat Assignment Help.

Where to find a case study for conflict management and resolution

The realm of the internet can be used to find free study material. In case you are unaware of the sources to find peer-reviewed scholarly articles. You can refer to the free samples section. Besides, we do have a team of experts working round the clock. The subject experts have delivered thousands of papers in conflict management and have gained specialization in solving case studies. If interested, you can request a free quote and get timely guidance for case studies, course work and even research papers in conflict management and resolution specialization.

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