What Are The Five Basic Concepts Of Management?

The concept of management helps businesses around the world to organize their business accordingly and direct workflow, different operations of the business, and keep eye on employees if they are meeting the goals of the company. Above all this, the primary aim of the management is to provide an environment to the employees of the organization that will help them to work efficiently and productively.

When the organization provides its employees with a solid organizational structure then that will serve those employees as a guide and help them establish a tone and help to be more focused on their work. The manager of the organization should be focused on the implementation and evaluation of the structures. The manager of the organization is responsible for doing the following tasks:

  • Creating goals and objectives for the organization.

  • Creating schedules.

  • For increasing the performance, productivity, and efficiency of developing such strategies.

  • Make sure to be compliant with the policies of the company and the regulations of the industry.

  • Mentoring the employees.

  • Keep monitoring the budget, productivity level, and performance.

  • Resolving the problems of customers.

  • Giving training to the workers.

The students of management have to learn all the skills of managing an organization to become a successful managers. There are many concepts of management which is very important for them to learn during their course o studies and implement while doing any research work, practical work, or assignment. If you are stuck with your assignments then take MBA Assignment Help from our top writing experts. In this article, we have discussed the 5 different basic concepts of management that every student of management must know. 

Five concepts of management

Henri Fayol has been defining that there are five basic concepts of management for the components of management and they are till now the most relevant for the modern organization. All the following five concepts of management are mainly focused on the relationship between the personnel and its management, point of reference is also provided by them so that different organizational problems can be solved creatively. 


So, planning can be referred to as looking forward. It is said by Henri Fayol, among the five functions creating a good plan of action for an organization is the most difficult task.

 For any kind of planning active participation of every member of the organization is very necessary. Planning must have the link and coordinate at a different level along with the time and implementation. The available resources and flexibility of the employees must be taken into consideration during the plan as they guarantee continuity. 


If every department and work of the organization is well organized then only that organization can able to function perfectly. This means that the organization must have sufficient capital, staff, and raw material which help the organization run smoothly and can able to build a good structure of working. 

The structure of the organization must have a good division of functions and tasks. The organization can expand itself in both ways horizontally and vertically only when there will be an increase in its function. So, this needed a different type of leadership. Organizing the important function of a business organization among the five functions. 



It will be clear to the employees of an organization what they need to do if they were given orders and clear instructions about work. If employees of the organization will be served with concrete instruction then they will return with optimized work that was given to them. Every successful manager has integrity, they communicate and their decision is based on regular audits. They must have the capability to motivate their team and encourage their employees. 


Do you know when an organization functions best? Your organization will automatically start functioning best if all the activity of the organization is organized. Positively influencing the behavior of the employees is very important for that. Therefore, good coordination can able to stimulate motivation and discipline within the team. 

 Coordination comes with clear communication and good leadership from the end managers. The intended objectives can be achieved only through the positive behavior of the employee. 


Verification of every action is very important. Only with proper verification, it can be made sure that everything within the organization is going according to plan. It is clear to the organization whether every activity is carried out according to the plan. 

In the following 4 steps control within the organization takes place:

  • Establishing the standard of performance which is based on the objectives of the organization.

  • Measure and report the actual performance.

  • Comparing the results according to the standards and performance.

  • Taking corrective and preventive measures as per the need.

Career in management

Almost every type of industry and company requires managers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they expected that by 2031 the position of management to grow 8 percent as many entrepreneurs are establishing their companies and the organizations which already exist are expanding their operations with time. 



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What are the basic concepts of management?

The basic concepts of management are planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. In addition to them, there are two other functions they are innovations and representation which are equally important for managers. 

What are the 3 main concepts of management?

The three functions are- analyzing problems, making decisions, and communicating they are called the general or continuous function as throughout the process of management they keep functioning.

What are the 4 types of management?

There are four common types of management they are- top-level managers, middle managers, first-line managers, and team leaders.

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