The Best Way to Detect Different Types of Plagiarism in Academic Writing

Have you been struggling with the fear of plagiarism? Did you figure out the way to deal with this issue? If you haven’t discovered any solution yet, you may risk your academic career very harshly. One should be very careful and aware of the content that is copied from various sources and the consequences of doing such a thing. The major issue involved in copying someone else’s idea is plagiarism; to be specific it is called the types of plagiarism in academic writing.

We are providing with the knowledge of all plagiarism issues that a student may come across:

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism refers to the act where a person copies ideas, thoughts, and words from some other person’s documents. In the context of academic writing, there are various types of plagiarism involved. These types depend on the variety of content that has been copied.

How can Academic careers be affected by Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an act of violating the rules and regulations of academic writing. It is an offensive act whereby students can be suspended, fined, and even punished and also debarred from their course. Plagiarism is not merely an infringement but is considered a copyright breach, and a very unethical act of conduct.

What are the reasons that provoke Plagiarism?

Whatever activity a human does, there is always a reason behind that and the same is the case with plagiarism. There is no point in arguing that a student faces many difficulties while preparing for academic writing that includes assignments, essays, research papers, thesis, etc. there are always some issues involved. They are required to complete their write-ups on time along with the maintenance of quality concerns. To do these tasks in a stipulated time is a very difficult task for many; therefore they seek the help of online assignment service providers. Let’s discuss some key reasons due to which students don’t do their assignments on their own and opt for the path of plagiarism.

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Reasons due to which students choose the path of Plagiarism:

  1. Students don’t possess sufficient knowledge about the subject topic and due to this lack of knowledge; they seek the content of others and copy them as it is.

  2. Getting assignemnt help from various sources is not wrong, but the problem arises when one does not know the way of altering information and presenting ideas in their own viewpoint. Due to the lack of good writing skills, students often face the problem of presenting the information in an original form.

  3. To get reliable content one needs to do thorough research on that topic. But many students face the difficulty of conducting research in the right manner. And they end up copying the content of others.

  4. In all aspects of life, one desires to get the best results. In the case of academic assignment writing too, students wish to score good grades; therefore they desire to put quality content through plagiarism.

  5. Lack of interest in a subject makes a student dull and a procrastinator. In the end moment, they are left with no option other than copying other people’s write-ups.

  6. When one does not possess the required skills to present the information in an impressive manner, the person often feels a lack of self-confidence and fear of failure and chooses the shortcut and easy path of plagiarism.

Types of Plagiarism

1. Accidental Plagiarism:

As the name suggests this type of plagiarism is a cause of unintentional matching of content. Here, the writer does not intend to copy any other person’s content, but this is merely an accident. When a writer uses a sentence in his document without referring to the source and origin of the content, he or she encounters this issue. This event is not done intentionally, but still, it is an act of violation of academic writing rules.

2. Direct Plagiarism:

In this type of plagiarism entire content is taken from somewhere else. This is an open offense and violation of copyrighting ideas without taking the consent of the original writer.

3. Mosaic Plagiarism:

Mosaic plagiarism refers to copying the ideas of others and representing them in your own words and stating that as your own. The ideas expressed are the result of research conducted by the original author and hence taking that viewpoint is also considered as plagiarism.

4. Auto Plagiarism:

Auto plagiarism is also called self-plagiarism. Here, an author copies the content from the articles made by him in the past and presents those same sentences and ideas in his current article. Self-plagiarism is also punishable and cannot be compromised at any cost.

5. Complete Plagiarism:

When the entire document is copied and explicitly stealed it is called complete plagiarism. If a person pilfers the write-up of any other person and submits that stating as his own, it comes under complete plagiarism.

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How to get rid of Plagiarism in Academic Writing?

If you steal someone else’s ideas and state that as your own, that shows you are not possessing sufficient knowledge about your subject and lacking in skills to present correct information. If you want to avoid this issue, you need to keep some points in mind. You should stop giving excuses about the effort that is required for getting the right information and presenting that as per your interpretation and understanding of that content. Try to acquire quality information and understand your subject and topic well. Analyze the purpose of the assignment; try to understand the message that is required to be conveyed through that topic. Use plagiarism checker tools to check your work and make alterations if there is any plagiarism found. In case, you have copied some information that is taken from the author’s journal or publication then give reference to that and credit the owner.

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