What Are The 4 Strategic Pillars Of Management?

Those managers always have good demand and can effectively inspire their team. Certain specific management strategies are noticed to be practiced by the supervisors, as they wanted to become good leaders. For better management practice the four important pillars of management are very important that is the practice of basic principles that can only lead to better management. It is very important to have good knowledge about the four important pillars of management, it can help you to improve and implement your management style, which will be very effective for your future business organization or when you will join any organization as a manager, after completing your management studies. During your management studies projects or assignments will be given to you to improve your practical knowledge about these four effective pillars of management. This will need lots of research and studies to complete those assignments other than your exam preparation. Take our MBA Assignment Help so that you can able to submit your assignments on time and also prepare for your exams.

The four pillars of management

The following four pillars of management can also be said as a set of principles; with their positive use, you can able to manage your team effectively. The manager of the organization has to analyze their recent operation so that they can determine which pillar they are practicing among the four pillars currently and which they are not including in their practice. This will help the managers to point out the missing pillar they are not using in their management strategies and by adding them they can improve the style of their management. The following are four pillars explained below:


Leadership is all about how well you can interact with your team and make them feel comfortable about the organization. A good leader will always encourage their employees to good teamwork and try to improve the morale of the employee. There are many ways a manager can do all this for example by organizing activities like team building or building strong work ethics.


The planning role of the manager is part of the management. The role of a manager is to organize their team and make good plans to be followed by their employees. The manager also plans and makes a budget so that the operating cost can be managed. For instance, marketing strategies are created by the manager of a marketing team that includes, budget, deadlines, and delegation of responsibilities to the team member. The main task of a manager is to look after the daily task of the employees and make sure they are doing them smoothly.


A meaningful interaction or conversation between the staff and customers of the organization is included in the communication. Scheduling and organizing meetings, giving feedback to the team member, making an ear for the team's concerns, establishing methods for effective communication, and keep good interaction with the clients are the most common task of a manager. Various communication skills such as verbal communication, written communication, presentation, persuasion, and listening are used by managers on daily basis.


The ability of the manager to turn any idea into reality is his process of execution. A good and effective manager along with the development of new plans and strategies for the organization also directs their implementation. For instance, a sales manager may bring a new form of team communication. For the execution of such changes, managers provide training so that they can teach the team how they can use the new software and also encourage the team for its frequent use.

The Four Pillars Of Management

How can you integrate the four pillars of management?

By the following steps, a manager can integrate the four pillars of management into its management style:

By performing self-analysis

When a manager performs self-analysis it will help him to know how he can improve himself. As a leader doing this honestly will help you to improve the areas you need to improve.

Asking the team will also help a manager to understand the strength and weaknesses.

By creating a plan

Making or executing a step-by-step plan will help you to implement the four pillars of management. First, you have to choose the pillar with which you want to work on, then execute the step which you can follow to incorporate the rest of the pillar into your management. Once done with establishing one pillar then shift to another, by establishing one pillar at a time you can focus on implementing it properly.

Seek for feedback

Before and after making changes it is best to seek feedback from the employees. The feedback will help you to track whether the changes you made are successful or not.

If you have a supervisor you can also ask him as well for any feedback. You can talk now about your strength and weakness with him. Then discuss your plan with them and make suggestions for better implementation of the four pillars.

How Can You Integrate The Four Pillars Of Management?


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What is the first basic pillar of a management system?

In the following four pillars, you will learn about our planning, organization, directing, and controlling.

What are the pillars of a good manager?

Management is such a discipline that consists of five sets of general functions that are, planning organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. These functions are very important and part of the practice and theories which will help you become a successful manager.

What are the 5Ps of management?

The following are the 5 P model: 1) Plan, 2) Process, 3) People, 4) Possessions and 5) Profits.

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