What Are The 5 Stages Of Strategic Management?

Strategic management is one of the important topics taught in management courses. If you are a student doing an MBA degree then you must know the importance of strategic management in planning a business. So to excel in this, you need to understand the concept deeply. The assignments given by your tutors play a great part in enhancing your learning so you should try to complete them or at least learn the concepts given in them. When the topics are not clear in the minds of the students then they seek MBA assignment help as the writers could help them in doing them. These writers know the subjects inside out and you can increase your basic knowledge from them. While doing marketing for a company the management of the different things and making strategies is an important aspects of it. Here we are with the basic concepts of strategic management read this whole article to add these things to your understanding.

Strategic Management- The Definition

Strategic management refers to the optimization of resources available in the company whether they are internal or external. The prime focus of strategic management is to use the resources in the right direction to achieve the goals set by a business. It improves the decision-making process of a company and this quality can help the managers to manage the team better. It is a process of continuous appraisals which are adopted by the manager to increase the profitability of the business and to stay in front of the competitors. Strategic management seems to be very easy but in reality, it’s quite a typical task to manage. That is also the reason that the students always take help from the Business Management writing service as the concepts are difficult to understand. Once you have gained the knowledge about it from basic to deep then it will be very easy to handle the different departments of a company and provide them with the right direction toward growth.

5 stages of strategic management

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1. Set Goals

If you are a manager then it must be a critical job for you to define and set the goals for the development of your company. You need to define the long-term and short-term goals which means the goals should be for the success of the suppliers, customers, and associates. Make sure that these goals are realistic and achievable.

2. Analysis

This step requires a lot of data. You need to collect more data and analyze it. The main focus of that is you need to know the operational needs and identify the goals and strategies to help the department to grow.

3. Formulation of strategies

In this step, you need to understand and gather knowledge about the resources that you are going to need to achieve the goals. It will be a little easy now as you have collected the data and properly analyzed it.

4. Execution of strategies

Once you are done with forming the strategies, now the next important step is to execute them. You should also give rewards and appreciate your employees to motivate them.

5. Control and Evaluate

Till now you have executed the strategies and you have to compare the results to the expectations you have made. Find the resources you have lacked if the expectations didn’t match.

5 Stages Of Strategic Management

Benefits of strategic management

There are many benefits of strategic management which a company uses to increase its business. To increase brand awareness in the market, a business needs a proper strategy that can help this. Managerial Accounting Assignments can help the students to get a better understanding of the benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

1. To identify the issues: It helps the managers of a company to know bout their issues and try to solve them gradually. This will help them to focus on other things for the company.

2. Competitiveness increases: Strategic management helps the managers of each department to know their customers better. This will help them to develop and execute the right strategies to go ahead of your customers.

3. Hiring of better employees: This will help a company to hire better employees with real talent so that productivity can be increased.

4. Improvement of communication: During this process, employees experience better communication which leads to improved satisfaction. This makes the employees feel more valued in a company.

Benefits Of Strategic Management


To conclude, it can be said that strategic management is necessary for the development of every department. You can check Treat Assignment Help UK for its help and others like HR assignment help.


1. What is the importance of strategic management?

Ans. Strategic management includes strategies that can help each department to know where they are lacking and where is the scope for improvement. It helps to identify the internal and external resources for the company and its goals.

2. Which website provides the best assignment help in the UK?

Ans. There are many websites available online but many of them are frauds. So, you have to be very smart when choosing a Marketing assignment help. You can choose our website, we have expert writers and genuine services at affordable prices.

3. Is it important to use the concepts of strategic management to build a business?

Ans. Yes, it is important to use strategic management to make a business successful. It helps the department to find out the aspects in which there is a need to do changes.

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