Try CRAAP Test to Evaluate Assignment Resources

Before you start an assignment, you make sure that you have gathered all the required information and sources. Research is something students need to do for all the assignments. However, the sources offering accounting assignment help are obviously not useful for finance assignment help

Treat Assignment Help experts can provide you the type of information you are looking for. We can help you locate resources from scholarly articles, newspapers, journals and more.  Buying online assignment help is a good step to ace the assignment, if you need to develop a search strategy on your own then you need to follow two mandatory steps:

1.    Gather information
2.    Evaluate information

Start by preparing a mind map for all the information you’ll need. Next, you can start developing search terms and keywords to find relevant resources from online databases, recommended websites, course material and other recommended readings. 

You must have done the same until this step, however, our experts recommend going one step further before you actually use the information you gathered. The next and most crucial step to ensure that the resources you are going to use are effective is to evaluate the information. 

Why evaluating the information is important?

•    Evaluation can help you decide which information is best for your assignment
•    With careful evaluation, you can be sure about the relevance of the gathered information
•    Evaluating the sources can be useful in improving your critical thinking skills
•    When you cite only evaluated information you can definitely score higher 

We have a vast team of writers and subject experts who are offering Accounting Assignment Help, Finance Assignment Help, Social Science Assignment Help, HR Assignment Help along with custom writing help in varied academic disciplines. The entire team is specially trained to evaluate the information carefully before utilizing it. The offered online assignment help is backed with the CRAAP test which is the best tool to practice critical thinking.

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Evaluate Assignment Resources

What is CRAAP Test? 

Evaluating the information resources becomes easier with the CRAAP test. The word CRAAP stands for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Meriam Library at the California State University invented this unique method to evaluate resources. Social science assignment writing services use this test to evaluate websites and other types of resources. 

Currency: To check the timeliness of resources; before using a resource ask yourself:

•    When was the information published
•    When was it last updated?
•    Is the information published or posted within the timeframe mentioned in your assignment guideline?

Relevance: To check the usefulness of the resource, ask yourself:

•    Is the information at the elementary level or advanced academic level?
•    Who is the audience of the source you are selecting? 
•    Are you comfortable using this source for your research paper?

Authority: To verify the original source, ask yourself: 

•    Who is the author?
•    What are their qualifications?
•    Are they experts in their field?
•    Whether their work approved by other experts?
•    Check the URL for authoritative sources, i.e. .edu, .org etc.

Accuracy: To check the truthfulness of the resource, ask yourself:

•    Is the information supported by evidence?
•    Is it peer-reviewed?
•    Is the information posted is unbiased?
•    Are there any mistakes related to grammar, spelling and punctuation?

Purpose: To check the intention of the author behind publishing the information, keep in mind:

•    Selling purpose can indicate bias
•    Informative content and facts are generic but opinions can be biased
•    Neutral tone is more useful than emotive propagandas   

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Affordable Accounting Assignment Help

It is expected that students use a resource if it passes the above-mentioned criteria of the CRAAP test. It might seem a lot, but it’s very useful to score higher. We draft each content after conducting the CRAAP test. To reduce the likelihood of using unreliable sources in your next assignment, you can connect with us right now. We are a trusted source for finance and accounting assignment help. Students across the country rely on our offered best-priced Accounting Homework Help. Along with finance and accounting assignment help, we are providing 100% plagiarism-free services for essays, dissertations, coursework and more. For details, send us an email or fill in the query form right now. 


1.    What is the CRAAP test Used for?

The test is used to reduce the chances of errors in citing an unreliable resource in the assignment. Following the rules of the CRAAP test one can be assured about only including current, relevant, accurate, experts verified, and unbiased information for their academic work. CRAAP test is a useful method to improve critical thinking skills, if the test seems a lot of hard work to you then seek the guidance of our research experts to attain CRAAP approved resources for online assignment help. 

2.    Why do we need to evaluate a website for its assignment?

Evaluating online information is important, especially if you are using the information published on a website. Always check the domain for the authority of the content. Additionally, information available on websites can be biased and often used for promotional purposes. Not necessarily the information available on such sources is fact-checked. Using erroneous, fake or biased information can affect the accuracy and credibility of your assignment. 

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