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The weighting of your assessment score depends on your ability to present evidence of wider reading. These evidences are sources often suggested by tutors to improve your study skills. However, the suggested readings in your module handbooks are not enough to answer all the assignments. You need to put some extra effort to conduct the wider reading. 

To set your assignment research in the right direction you need to be extra cautious in differentiating between credible and unreliable resources. If you experience any difficulty you can get assignment help from our research experts. We are providing assignment help UK for varied academic disciplines and students rely on us to sift the reliable and fake information flooding the internet. 

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Tips to make sure you are always using credible sources 

It is very important that students possess critical thinking skills to ensure that the source they are going to use is credible. However, tutors won’t be surprised to find out that you are getting confused between deceptive news, untrusted websites, and actually credible sources. We are one of the best assignment writing services and according to the wide industry experience of our writers and researchers, here are some simple skills that you should practice to ensure you are always using credible sources for your studies.

•    Start with common search engines but avoid Wikipedia. Obviously, it’s a massive pool to find assignment answers, but the information available on this site is edited publicly which is often not reliable.  
•    When you find a reliable source, review its bibliography section to find similar and probably useful sources. 
•    Google Scholar is a good place to start your research however try to filter the search with only ‘peer reviewed’ research to ensure that you are not going to compromise your scores on source selection. 

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Top 5 places where our experts prefer to find reliable information

Being the most trusted assignment help in London and we took the help of our experts and compiled a list of the most credible sources for online assignment help. 

1.    Online database- EBSCO- Many search engines can provide you with credible information however to get full access to scholarly information EBSCO is the best online database that you can try. The best part, it is a free database where you can find dissertations, thesis, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, and ebooks from a lot of credible sources. 

2.    Journal Articles- Google Scholar & Sage Publishing- News and magazine articles are not included in Google Scholar, thus you can be sure about its credibility to find scholarly material. We boast of receiving positive assignment help UK reviews because our experts use SAGE for their research. It is a credible source to find peer-reviewed information, which is often mentioned in the assessment criteria. So to get credible Assignment Help you can also trust SAGE which keeps improving its ranking for offering reliable content. 

3.    News source- New York Times & The Guardian- These are the websites accredited by media groups to provide reliable, fact-checked, unbiased, and most current information. To find online assignment help, you can trust these news websites recommended by our research experts.

4.    Statistics source- Government websites & Statista- Facts and figures are useful to present a large amount of complex information in a crisp way. It improves the credibility of your research and also makes the content scoring. The assignment helps London offered by our highly experienced team is backed with trusted sources like government-published information and Statista. We recommend each student to utilize these platforms to find accurate and up-to-date statistical information. 

5.    Websites for current affairs- Bloomberg – A few tasks are assigned to let the researcher showcase their critical thinking and analysis skills. If your assignment requires including current affairs from trusted sources then try searching with relevant key terms on Bloomberg. It is a useful platform and a very easy-to-use news resource to know about current events and factual reporting. 

To get started and find a good direction, you can seek assistance from your librarian and tutors. They can provide you with preliminary resources to start the brainstorming. Additionally, try including the above-mentioned sources and we guarantee you a good score for your research skills in the next assignment.

Treat Assignment help strives to be one of the best assignment writing services, that’s we own access and subscription to many credible services. Connecting with us can offer peace of mind as you will be availing guidance from the most trusted and credible assignment help in the UK. 

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1.    Where can I find information for the assignment?

The Internet is flooded with information make sure you use only credible sources. It is important to utilize search engines, to find full access to scholarly articles and peer-reviewed sources,  you can seek guidance from Management Assignment Help providers. Treat Assignment Help is a reliable source to provide students information from online databases, governmental organizations, statistical websites, and other credible sources. 

2.    How do I search for credible information?

Start by examining the topic and decide what type of information you will need to answer the questions. Next, begin a search strategy by gathering books and articles, and other online resources that are credible and approved for academic writing as per your university guidelines.

3.    Why is it important to use only peer-reviewed articles?

Peer-reviewed articles are scholarly work that is submitted by experts and further approved by other experts. Including such information improves the credibility of assignments. You can avail the guidance of the best assignment help in UK to access peer-reviewed articles in the field of humanities, social sciences and science. 

4.    Why should students not use Wikipedia as a source for assignments?

Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for academic writing. The information is easy and free to access, however, the overall accuracy rate of this source is lower as compared to other encyclopedias. To avail accurate, fact-checked and 100% authentic information you can count on us. Our assignment help price is competitive and preferred by UK scholars.

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