How Many Departments Are There In HR?

Every organization has an HR department and every resource related to an employee of the organization is managed by the HR department, it is the fundamental responsibility. The success of the organization partly or wholly depends upon the positive activity of the HR department. You must have a good understanding of the structure of the human resource department, which will help you in making or reorganizing the HR department of the organization and the process of the whole organization. Pursuing MBA helps you to gain good knowledge about the different structures and functions of the HR department. During your MBA studies you will be given lots of assignments for developing HR skills in you, but completing your study material for exams is also important if you want to concentrate on your exam studies you can pursue our MBA Assignment Help so that you can submit good assignment while study for your exams.

What do you mean by HR department?

One of the key functions of the HR department is to recruit skilled and suitable employees for the organization and also guide them after their recruitment. The strategic management of the culture and work environment of the organization is also in the hand of HR.

Every organization considers its HR department as the most valuable asset. The HR department of the organization supervises the different actions of the organization so that the human capital and talent of the organization can be developed. The wellness of the employee, compensation, various benefits, recruitment, development of the organization, training, and safety of the employee everything is taken care of by the organization’s department of HR. Implementing good workplace culture and developing strategies for managing business is the key role of HR. All these decisions of HR if proven to be effective then it will bring the success of the organization. The task of the human resource department is more than just an administrative task.

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What Do You Mean By HR Department

Departments of Human Resources  


HR administration has a wide role because they are responsible for the development and management of the workforce of the organization. Administrators are responsible for the training and grooming of the staff, payment of the employee, policy, compliance related to the corporate, and much more. Different skills are required to fulfill each of the duties. 

Recruiting and staffing

Recruitment and staffing of skilled candidates are done by the department of the human resource of the organization. They must make sure that the organization has enough employees so that it can run smoothly without any problems, and recruit the desired candidate and the right people whenever the company requires a workforce for completing all the targets. From making the job description to doing the interview and background check every thing is done by the HR department.

Safety and health

It must be the priority of the HR department to take care of the safety and good health of the valuable employees. Taking care of the laws and regulations the procedures for safety and health is developed by the HR department.  \

Training and development

To keep the employees of the organization updated with the different current skills and technologies the training unit of HR keeps providing training programs to the employees of the company. Whether any new course related to new technologies or any new leadership training should be provided by the department of HR to the employees for their betterment. The orientation program is also organized by the department for introducing new employees to existing colleagues.

Benefits and Compensation

The HR unit also manages the administrative benefits and good payroll of the employees. When a company offers a good package of benefits and good compensation then it can automatically attract good and skilled candidates for the company. The HR department organized the holidays, wages, insurance, and other different perks for the employees of the company. It is the key duty of the HR department that by maintaining consistency within the organization to fulfill the different needs of the employees.

Labor and employee relations

Necessary actions should be taken by the HR department of the company so that there is good communication is maintained between the employee and labor.

Disciplinary action

If there any misconduct happens in the organization between employees which leads to undesirable behavior correct actions can be taken by the HR department. The action will include, written or oral warning, suspension, probation, or even termination in case of a grave situation. 

Onboarding of new hires

The onboarding of new hires should also be done by the HR department. It includes both formal and informal onboarding. Orientation and training processes are included in the formal onboarding and adjusting them in the new environment is included in informal onboarding.

Company Policies

The HR department must provide the employees with proper benefits, and for that suitable policies should be updated in the handbook of employees.

Diversity and inclusion

By monitoring the different trends and diverse data it is the duty HR department to create a diverse and inclusive culture in the workplace. 

Departments of Human Resources


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What are the five main areas of HR?

The 5 main duties of HR managers are compensation and employee benefits, talent management, training and development, compliance, and workplace safety. 

What are the 4 types of HR?

4 types of analytical methods are used by HR professionals, they are, descriptive, diagnostics, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

What are the 3C’s in HRM?

The three c’s in HRM are Compensation, Career Path, and Culture.

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