What Is Human Resource Management (HRM)?

Human Resource Management refers to the organizational function which helps to manage all the issues related to the people working in a company. It is the most important resource of any organization. It is considered by businesses that for the success of the business human resource management is similarly important as the other operation of the business which includes marketing, sales, or finance. Due to the new technologies, changes in the global market and hierarchy of the organization. Nowadays, hiring and recruiting the right and skilled candidate is considered to be very important by every business leader. This is the reason most people today want to become HR and to have a successful career in HR, pursuing Human Resource Management is important. To have the polished skill of HR you need to do a lot of assignment work and you may also need to take our HR Assignment Help, which will make your study a little easy.

What do you understand by HRM or Human Resource Management?

The process of HRM is vast, it includes not only one role, it includes, giving employment to new people, their training, compensation for the development of policies that are important for the employees, and developing such strategies which will help in their retention. During the last twenty years, many changes have been brought into the field of HRM, and with changes, many important roles are included in organizations. Previously, HRM only means the process related to payroll, sending a gift for the birthday of the employee, arrangements of company outings, and taking care that the forms are filled by every one of the companies so basically it used to include the administrative role and not the strategic roles which are more important for the success of a company.

The students need to know who wants to pursue MBA to become an HR manager and that, every manager has to perform some role which is related to HRM. It’s not that because the other manager doesn’t have the title of HR, they don’t have to perform any role of HR, they also have to perform some of the roles related to HR. Other managers of the organization also have to deal with the motivation, compensation, and retention of the employee, these are not only part of HRM but part of management. So, the study of HRM s equally important to those who want to become HR managers also if they want to manage any business in the future as well. Every student of an MBA has to make lots of assignments to develop and polish the practical skills of management, to complete those assignments on time avail of our Business Management writing service, and concentrate more on their studies.

Functions of human resource management

Before joining any company or organization as an HR manager it is very important to know about the functions of HR. The functions of HR differ from organization to organization, HR functions vary according to the size of the business, the kind of industry, and the type of workers employed there. The fundamental duty of an HR most of the time is to select and manage the talents and improve the communication and cooperation among the members of the organization. Other key functions of the HRM are defined in detail below:

Analysis of the job

It is very important that HR was able to determine the necessary experience and required skills which are required to perform any job, which will help to hire the correct candidate, determine of required compensation, and provide a training program for the organization.

Operation of workforce

Creating suitable policies for the health and safety of the employees, giving suitable responses to the grievances of the employees, etc., will help to give support to regulatory compliance.

Measuring performance

Assessing the performance of the organization is very important because, it will help in the growth of the employees by getting constructive feedback and will also guide the employee for raises, promotions, and dismissals.

The program related to incentives

To motivate the employees of the organization so that they take the objectives of the business seriously, giving recognition of their achievements, and rewarding the high-performing employees with bonuses and other perks is very important.

Professional development

It is very important to develop the employees professionally by providing them with, advanced educational programs, and orientation, for improving productivity giving employees training, reducing turnovers, and the need for supervision. 

Functions of human resource management

The responsibilities of HRM

Generally, the main role of HR professionals is to create and administer such programs which are important to improve the efficiency of the workplace and the relationship between employer and employee. Though there are different roles of HR but the important responsibility of HR are as follows:


Whether staffing is related to any business or any separate department, several important steps need to consider. The first step of hiring is to determine if the organization has the budget for the hiring of new employees, then interview the qualified candidates, and then at the end select them and negotiate salary.

Making workplace policies

If the workplace requires any changes in the policies then the HR professional will be consulting the executive or other managers to make the updated documentation and communicate that to the employees. The policies can include dress code, vacation, disciplinary action, and any other protocol related to the workplace.

Managing pay and other benefits

If any organization want to attract talented individual it is very important that they are providing salary as per the industry standard and also similar to the other employees working in the same position. For creating a fare payment system for every employee, it is very important to take into consideration the year of service, experience, and the skills and education of the employee.

Retention of talent

Salary or compensation is not the only thing that retains talented employees. It is very important for the HR manager to actively give notice to the issues related to workplace environments, the culture of the organization, and relations between everyone in the organization.

Training of the employees

To develop new skills among the employee which will be benefiting for the organization the employees need to give training. The training program provided to the employees by the HR department includes activities of team building, education related to ethics and policy, on-job skills and instruction, etc.

Act according to the regulations

There must be constant updates in the laws related to the workplace, such as laws related to health discrimination, wages, and other things of employment. HR must update such laws and communicate with the employee of the organization.

Safety maintenance

Safety is not only related to the physical health of the employees in the organization but also to personal information. The HR of the company must keep its employees up to date with the security measures that are federal and related things.

The responsibilities of HRM


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What is Human Resource Management?

The strategic approach of the HR in the organization will provide nurture and support to the employee and make sure the workplace environment is positive. The function of HR varies according to a different industry.

What is the importance of HRM?

HRM is important to maintain in any organization because it deals with the issues of performance, salary, management, development, safety, wellness, etc. of the employee and organization.

What are the different types of HR?

The different types of HR are:

Human Resource Administrator.

Human Resource Officer.

Personal Manager.

Human Resource Manager.

Head of People.

Director of People.

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