Five Ex-Pat Success Factors International HR Managers Should Know About

There is an endless number of success factors that the departments of Human resources can implement to reduce the chances of expat failure or aid them towards success within the organization, and 5 of them are as under:

1.  Provide pre-departure cultural training to the ex-pats-

Before assigning an assignment, the expatriate must grasp the host country's cultural values, customs, convictions, and behavioral patterns. One thoughtful approach is for the organization is to organize briefings concerning the history, geography, religion and economy of the nation and the cultural processes and not only the language courses, training courses and workshops that will continue during the task. This will help to improve the awareness of the host culture and support the success of the mission. In addition, it will assist the expatriates in experiencing a cultural shock that happens typically.

2.  Building stronger relationships amongst the ex-pats and local employees-

Many ex-pats find local support more helpful at their destinations than contacting their base office's HR or other colleagues. If there is nobody, consider outsourcing a professional to assist incoming expatriates. A local person will understand how things operate and provide advice or practical assistance with a wide range of topics that may confound a country's newcomer. In addition, ex-pats are more inclined to change when local colleagues provide them with social aid, friendship and employment assistance. For example, the firm might assign a mentor to the local workforce. Such a "buddy program" would provide more insight into organizing and local culture and promote ex-pat integration and team cohesion. Another way of helping them integrate is to approach local NGOs or voluntary organizations outside of the corporation.

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3.  Offer rewards for motivating-

Homesickness cannot be solved quickly, and it will take some time for some people. However, the firm might help here a little by giving incentives as money advantages and as a household vacation. The advantage of such an award is that expatriates may retain touch with friends and their families and the home organization for career development. In addition, they get a chance to recharge their batteries, which will lead to improved employment performance and more incredible drive when they return to the host nation.

4.  Families also need to be included entirely with the ex-pats-

Many people perceive an expatriate spouse’s life as one with few responsibilities and many benefits. Although the structure and purpose of the new working environment help the partners, the spouses frequently feel confused and have difficulties adjusting. Thus, the spouse or other family member cannot accommodate one of the principal reasons for early repatriating. Therefore, it is necessary, for example, to establish a wife support network or organize cultural training or home-finding trips for the complete family, for employers to assist every family member.

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5.  Adequate planning for the return of ex-pats must be done-

Repatriation is a crucial part of the expatriation process, but sadly, it is often ignored. The procedure for coming home may be as tricky as the original relocation for families who have been residing outside Canada for many years. You might feel out of place culturally, socially and professionally. Businesses must pay attention to this to retain former expatriates. Otherwise, the employee might volunteer for resignation, who can use the knowledge and skills obtained overseas, to have enough other possibilities to work.

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What are the common issues faced by the expats?

Common issues faced by the expats are as under:

  • Understanding the new country’s culture

  • Problems in communicating, i.e., language barrier

  • Homesickness or feeling of loneliness

  • Healthcare issues 

  • Managing the financial life 

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