3 Ways you can improve your score in Academic Essays

You spend hours brainstorming and selecting an interesting topic, you even did a commendable job in collecting the facts and figures for the academic essay but still, you didn’t get full marks; disappointing, right? Let us crack the code; you are losing marks because of your writing skills. Simply compare your draft with one of the samples offered by essay assignment writing help. You will know the difference.

Tutors grade your essay based on three different things

1.    Topic selection

2.    Research conducted

3.    Writing skills

If you ignore any of the above factors, you won’t be able to get full marks.  A strong essay is not only backed up with evidence and facts and figures. The key to a scoring essay belongs to your ability to convey your arguments. 

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Treat assignment help is one of the most trusted entities. We are ranked at number one for offering strategic management assignment help and essay assignment writing help service in the industry where professional writers know how to fill in the gap. Leverage their expertise to improve your writing skills. Don’t wait until you get low scores and try to search if there are any assignment writers near me. Get in touch with our experts right now. You will definitely end up addressing your thoughts more effectively in your next assignment. 

What makes an essay scoring?

Harvard writing centers gives a very succinct definition of an essay. It is a creative form of writing, where the writer conveys ideas that are backed up by evidence. 

It is often advised that when you work your way through the essay, you need strong evidence to make the piece interesting throughout. However, in the opinion of the expert writers at Treat Assignment Help, essay writing is based on two skills:

•    Evidence, facts and figures are used to provide a clear focus to the readers

•    Strong writing skills are equally important to sharpen the focus further

Our team emphasizes both these aspects. That’s why we are ranked as the best essay assignment writing help. 

Let’s say you are to write an academic essay on the management of financial resources; your immediate focus will be on creating a budget or allocating the resources. It is important to find out all the closely related points to the management of financial resources, but the fullness of your ideas won’t be achieved until you know how to set the tone right and how to convey the essay statement properly. 

You can follow these 5 tips to score better the next time:

1.    Begin with the basics: You don’t have to complicate things. Make use of the basic business research methods but try to organize your ideas before you start writing. If you need guidance to get credible sources or writing assistance, connect with the best essay assignment writing help right now.

2.    Don’t afraid to re-work the introduction: The beginning of your essay is your key to getting full marks. Establish the context in the right tone to keep the readers engage throughout the essay. If you are not satisfied, don’t be afraid to modify the beginning all over again. If you are not sure, you can get in touch with us. 

According to our experts, the introduction should not be too vague or too shallow. You should keep the introduction as crisp as possible. Let’s say, if you are looking for facts related to management assignment help, then take a look at the two ways to start an essay: 

•    Beginning your essay with “stone age” sustainability would make the context too broad in terms of history. 

•    Rather try to keep the context crisp and direct. Experts suggest beginning such an essay with a focused opening strategy. Such as with one of the functions of marketing that you think will be part of your strategy implementation for business management. 

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Management of financial resources

3.    Be mindful about the length of each para and page: A scoring essay is when the writer has established an authority using credible evidence and the readers are engaged because of the correct and crisp tone of the writing. Mostly, students deviate from their goal; they try to stuff more words to reach the word count. Unfortunately, you will not be able to keep the engagement level high this way.  

Always keep in mind that the beginning should be brief and the length of the rest of the paragraphs depends on the complexity of the essay question. Wordiness can cause score deduction, rather keep all of the paras proportionate. 

To sum up, you need to be as specific as possible to make your essay scoring. Additionally, to engage the readers, you must supply the requisite information. Our essay writers suggest that if you feel that your work is losing focus, then don’t be afraid to re-write it again. If you are time-crunched, then get in touch with us. We offer 100% unique, custom-written and timely delivered essay assignment writing help. 


1.    How to write an essay on strategic management?

The process of analyzing the risks and strengths that occurred for an organization from environmental opportunities comes under the umbrella term of strategic management. It is very important to implement varied business research methods. Treat Assignment Help can provide the required assistance to complete such tasks at varied academic levels. 

2.    Is buying an online essay legal?

Academic essay writing services are a medium to enhance your learning. You can try such services to improve your writing skills. It is absolutely legit to learn from the free samples or buy online essays. 

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