3 Tips to Overcome your fear of academic writing

Academic writing is scary and if you want to get past your fear, you need to practice a smart approach. Sometimes, students think that they can overcome the fear by switching the inner critic off and writing whatever comes to their mind. But that’s not going to help at the higher levels of academic settings where your tutors are expected to get engaged in scholarly conversation. You can definitely call our team of professional writers to avail all sorts of homework help.

To become a capable academic writer, you need to think about your readers. Knowing your audience would help to set the tone right. If English is not your first language, or writing in the correct tone is time-consuming for you, then leave your worries to the best assignment help.

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Why do students fear the Academic Style of Writing?

You are not the only one who feels anxious when they find key terms like “critically analyze” or “evaluate” or “persuasively state your opinion” in the assignment description. 

With each assignment submitted, you will learn something new about academic writing. College students always get frightened of this learning process and start getting conscious about the complexity of writing skills required in a formal academic setting. Seeking help from essay writing services can be beneficial to learn new things in the safest manner.

Students who are afraid, time-crunched, don’t know much, or simply lack the skills can rely on the top-rated skills of our writers.  Overwhelmed and anxious students can get guidance from academic writing services when:

•    They don’t understand the topic and objective of the task
•    They fail to interpret the audience of the task
•    They don’t know where and how to start
•    They can’t tackle the writing process
•    They don’t have a flair for writing original and plagiarism free content

 Be brave and face your fears is the vaguest advice here. You don’t want to compromise on your grades. So, make sure you overcome the fear of academic writing strategically by stop comparing your flair with others and by start reading the structure and tone of all your reading materials closely.

What should be done to overcome writer’s block?

Having the right skill set to explain in a critical tone and analyze those arguments formally is not everyone’s cup of tea. Have patience; you will be better at the process of academic writing. 

1. Carefully read and learn from the examples of Academic Writing

A formally written work can be an essay of 1000 words or a dissertation of 10,000 words. Both are different in style, structure and format. An essay or literary analysis requires you to present your arguments, whereas a dissertation is a summarized form of your study/research.

A literary analysis would require critical evaluation, so you must focus on studying and interpreting the themes analytically. By looking at the examples, you can learn skills to present arguments in the right tone. Start close reading of the free samples provided by essay writing services and academic writing services to understand the themes better.

2. Practice the style conventions suggested by your tutor

Each academic discipline has its guidelines for the academic style of writing. For instance, the structure may or may not include an executive summary and abstract. Likewise, the style to include arguments and evidence, also known as an in-text citation, may be different in your academic setting. 

To ensure you understand the guidelines, focus on the following things:

•    Prime focus on the given task

•    The logical structure of the assignment

•    Conventions for using credible arguments 

•    Impersonal tone usage to submit an unbiased paper

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3. Avoid these mistakes to improve your writing process

Your tutors can quickly determine the pitfalls in your writing style. So make sure you practice and get adequate guidance from experts offering assignment help. Also, avoiding these mistakes would be a great homework help in improving your skills. 

•    Convey your ideas but make them brief, concise and avoid wordiness 

•    Connect each part, each section, or each chapter of your assignment with a given thesis statement

•    Conversational language is not acceptable at any level

•    Avoid explaining without analyzing the arguments 

•    Ensure correct citation of evidence

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Keeping track of all these mistakes and practicing the above tips is beneficial in the long run. To speed up the learning process, get assistance from experts offering academic writing services. Treat Assignment Help is the most trusted name for UK scholars who need consistent guidance in the research and writing process. If you want to write more, then read more; call us to get free samples of assignment help provided to varied academic levels. 


1.    How to write a critical analysis essay?

You need to begin with a thesis statement and each section of the essay should relate to the chosen statement. Scoring essays are populated with credible evidence. For crafting a clear, concise and well-structured critical essay you can avail of our highly professional and widely trusted essay writing services. 

2.    What are the steps in dissertation writing?

Deciding the outline is the first step of dissertation writing. In the next stage, scholars are required to focus on the refined research question, literary analysis to form a background for the study and feasible methods for conducting the study, collecting and analyzing the data. The evaluation and interpretation is the final stage. Get the guidance of HR Assignment Help if you are clueless about the entire process.

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