What Kind of Taboo Words You Should Avoid In Your Writing?

The skill of playing with words can make anyone a significant speaker and equally the best academic writer. There have been cases in both assignment writing and public speaking where the practice of the correct word at the right point always left a deep influence on the viewers. That is the reason why people might find a single word or a group of words irrelevant when we look at a draft of several pages, but they are the words which create or break the beat of the viewers at the most unexpected times. Similarly, there are definite words that are viewed as taboo in the academic writing culture and are always indicative to be retained at bay.


When we look at the idea of grammar, then we would find that various words and sayings are an essential part of formal and informal discussions. Out of them, we have a closer aspect of the unceremonious words, and then we would find them right in our casual informal conversations. However, when we are looking at expert assignment writing with a proper structure such as in dissertations, thesis papers, or essays.

From an academic lookout, these words are viewed and categorized as taboo words. It is mainly because of the vague, informal nature or subjectivity that these words or idioms carry with them. That is why usually they are avoided in academic writing. These consist of the words that are way too casual, the words that are used at the start of an informal sentence, the words that are too ingenuous, too subjective, too vague, too exaggerated and not to mention. Meanwhile, it is meant to note that one such limit is not appropriate to the words or idioms that have been cited from a direct source.

Here we are going to categorize the list of taboo words into different categories on the grounds of their explanations. We are growing to highlight them with the help of examples and what are more suitable alternatives for them.

Classification of Taboo Words with Relevant Substitutes from University Assignment Writing Agency UK

To help you get aware of the broadest range of taboo words, we have borrowed the proficiency of our experts in delivering assignment writing services to students at the academy and research levels. We have separated the taboo words and their mentioned alternatives.

Too Informal

When we are talking about assignment writing, then the sentences are likely to be more formal compared to the other sources of information like blogs and websites. For the students who always seek homework help, it is not tough to understand that the text written by the professional would be that of a different group in contrast to any inked by a layman. The following are mid the most assimilated words in predictably written assignments. For Example:

Taboo word: A bit

Sentence: Indeed, it was a bit hard to find the bus station.

Substitute: Indeed, the bus station was difficult to find.

Starting with an Informal Sentence

Certain words are suitable in certain contexts. However, when these words are used at the start of the sentence, they turn out to become too casual. Many applicable transaction words can be used in place of that words at the start of a sentence. For Example:

Taboo word: And

Sentence: And the suspect has been charged under section 40 of IPC.

Substitute: The suspect has been charged under section 40 of IPC.

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Too Ingenuous

Your writing may appear basic and immature in case you are reliably using basic and simple terms. It is suitable to end the overuse of such simple terms if you are willing to raise the standard of your writing. It is better to avoid the usage of long and difficult words and write to the point text. For Example:

Taboo word: Give

Sentence: The ending of the book gives the reader a hint.

Substitute: The ending of the book offers/presents the reader with a hint.

Too Vague

The application of words that might appear to be too unclear/vague can make your assignment inaccurate and can even skew the understanding of the readers. This is one of the essential reasons why the experts of the companies offering assignment help services do take care of this part while delivering the assignment order. For Example:

Taboo word: Thing

Sentence: Several things are filed in the article. 

Substitute: Several details are filed in the article.

Too Subjective

Some certain words and idioms are considered taboo due to their personal or subjective bias. For example, if you are declaring that something will happen, then you are declaring something understandable and not saying a fact. Indeed, no one has an issue with your viewpoint or opinion, but such a style of writing is restricted to certain writing formats like argumentative SOP (Statement of Purpose) or essays. You can find the same proof when you are taking custom assignment writing services from a trustworthy company like us. For Example:

Taboo word: Naturally

Sentence: The performers naturally had a good time.

Substitute: The performers had a good time.


When you seek coursework help from the writers of the university assignment agency UK, you will find that they shun using words and phrases that add no appropriate logic to the text, though they look good. The main reason behind this fact is that in academic writing the writer tries to make the text as direct and brief as possible. For Example:

Taboo word: Have/has got

Sentence: The novel has got nine chapters.

Substitute: The novel has nine chapters.


Some words are often altered, even by innate speakers. When you constantly observe such mistakes, you gradually incline to believe that they might even be right. However, it is suggested that you escape committing such errors while writing down a project. For Example:

Taboo words: Had of/would of

Sentence: The site would have embraced of 

Substitute: The site would have embraced of

Conclusive Statement

Hope this article will help you in knowing the taboo words that you should avoid in your academic writing. For any type of assignment and homework help, you can contact Treat Assignment Help UK.


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