What Is Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)?

How is integrated marketing communication changing the business?

You must be wondering how the brands work and deliver the product as well as information to the customers in the competitive market right? Integrated marketing communication is a set of approaches that aims to deliver a consistent message to existing customers or new ones.  IMS has changed the business scenario and people are using different tactics to get in touch with target audiences such as digital marketing, social media sites, and more.  Most of the students find it difficult to finish their assignments on time. It is the main reason why they need MBA assignment help.

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Why IMC is important in today’s business environment?

With the change in the business sector and environment, it has become essential for organization to change their practices of doing work. In the current contemporary world, IMC has been playing a crucial role. Integrated marketing communication includes a set of different elements such as public relations, advertising, marketing, promotions, and publicity. With the use of these components, it becomes easy to focus on communicating with a large audience in all aspects.

Top Tips to Execute the IMC

Understand the target audience

The target audience is changing and evolving at a fast pace. The brands need to evolve with the audience at constant levels. For example, Samsung is constantly involved with its target audience by providing low, medium, and flagship products to customers.

Develop the brand awareness

It is also important to increase brand awareness so that it is easy to make the brand visible to the customers. This can be done via the use of the social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Incorporate touch points such as images, videos

It is also the most effective method of implementing the IMC within the business by creating more images and other related touch points that attract more audience towards the brands.

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Top Tips to Execute the IMC

5 Elements of Integrated Marketing Communication

There are different types of elements to be considered within integrated marketing communication which are mentioned as follows:

Personal selling

Personal selling is the most traditional form of marketing in which the seller sells the product to the customer by convincing them by using different techniques.

Sales promotion

Sales promotion is defined as an approach or a tactic used by companies with aim of the attracting more audience towards the product or service. For example, providing discounts or rewards during the sale.

Public relations

Public relations is defined as a process by which information or communication is delivered to the public. Public relation is an important element when it comes to IMC because they are accountable for managing the brand image and customer mindset in the public.


Advertising is defined as a process of advertising a product or service via offline or online mediums.

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5 Elements Of Integrated Marketing Communication

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Why IMC is important to study?

It is important to study integrated marketing communication because it will help you to access the importance of marketing elements that can increase brand awareness and influence the decisions of the audience in the market.

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