What Do You Mean By Total Quality Management?

Day by day the expectations of customers are rising. In modern times customers are very much aware of the fact that how powerful our technologies have become today. As a result, they expect organizations to start taking advantage of the power of technology so that they can able to have access to the highest quality of products and services. Every business organization must advance itself so that they able to meet the challenges that came with the high expectation of the customer or else take the risk of falling behind its competitors.

It is very important for an IT organization to constantly improve and leverage its offerings. Modern business should upgrade their best practices and mythologies which will allow the IT organization to maintain themselves with fast development to keep up with the growing demand of the customers. Although speed can not able to take any organization far without the other components of quality. To feel the gap in quality and help the organization in maintaining and holding on to its quality while pushing its speed to the highest level Total Quality Management came in. Having good knowledge about Total Quality Management is very important for the students of MBA. Students who need instant assignment help can avail of our assignment service at any time for any subject. 

About Total Quality Management

A management approach through which organizations can get long-term success by providing their customers with unparalleled satisfaction by serving them with constant good quality service and products. For proper execution of the TQM methods, every member of the organization needs to work with unity for achieving excellence. 

As an organization needs to give special attention to the quality of products and services the term “quality” in TQM refers to that. The term “total” in TQM refers to their must-be efforts among every employee of an organization. An organization needs to monitor the process that they are using to create products and services for their customers if they want to make sure they are delivering quality products to their customers. 

Principles of TQM or Total Quality Management

By focusing on the following different principles of the TQM, organizations can able to achieve the aim of customer satisfaction:

Customer focused 

For TQM the most important and foremost pillar of success is giving the utmost focus to the experience of the customers from every point of the organization. For an organization, its foremost focus must be on its customers, from the first purchase of the customer to giving them the support they need even after the purchase. 

Ownership of employee 

The method of TQM needs the engagement of the whole team of the organization so that they can make sure complete quality is provided to their customers. The method of TQM is not focused on a single department of the organization because the main aim of it is to provide a great experience to customers from every level of the organization. 


The main focus of TQM is to create and implement processes that will provide the organization with great success and let the organization continue to thrive. For successful implementation of the TQM, it is very important to quantify the success and define the steps of how it is achieved. 

Principles of TQM

System Integration

Leveraging every asset of the organization is the main strategy of Total Quality Management. This can be achieved by an integrated system that combines the different parts of the organization into one. 


For the best application of the TQM method, it is important that every team member of the organization work as a value-added member of the team. That means keeping transparency and communication is the core point for the best practice of TQM. 


The TQM does not base on any guesswork. Rather, for the improvement of the organization and making various decisions that are based on quantifying facts data is the most important source. 

Constant improvement

TQM is not the only process to be done constant improvement is also necessary for the organization. With proper implementation of the TQM methods, wide changes can be made in the working of every company.

Implementation of TQM

For implementing any new system in an organization, the first step is to make an honest assessment of the organization that is today. The method of implementing TQM is something that is to be applied to the present structure of an organization, no organization is provided with any step-by-step guide on how it can be applied to any business. every business is different and has unique points from other also every business has its approach, but each decision of the organization can be guided by the core tenets of the TQM. 

You can also start with the following area:

  • Make emphasis on the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Have good communication with everyone. 
  • Managing the errors. 

Implementation  of TQM


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What is a total quality management example?

The example of TQM, most famous example of TQM is Toyota. To make the assembly line more efficient Toyota has implemented Kanban System. 

What is the benefit of TQM?

By implementing the method TQM, the organization can reduce the cost and do better cost management. High profitability. Improved customer focus and satisfaction. Increase customer loyalty and retention. 

What is the conclusion of TQM?

So, it can be concluded that Total Quality Management or TQM is a method that is practiced by different business organizations around the world. For the implementation of quality-conscious culture across all the layers from vertical to horizontal of an organization it is proven to be the best method.  

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