What Are The Functions Of Production And Operations Management

Operation and production management refers to the business field which deals with the designing, planning and controlling of the operation of the organization. Which includes the management of raw materials, equipment, and human resources. There is a diverse function of production and operation management. Even though the key goal of the operation and production management is to make sure all the services or products are produced and delivered efficiently and on the time. The business needs to plan and control carefully all the facets of its operations to achieve its goals. All the functions related to operation and production management are studied by the students of business management. They need to learn, they were given lots of assignments on the subject for developing their skills. Sometimes completing those assignments before deadlines become impossible so the student takes a Business Management writing service which helps them to submit their assignments on time.

Functions of production and operation management

Below we have explained the different functions of production and operation management in detail:

Production planning and control

The process of production planning and control function under production and operation management it is making sure that the production activities of the organization are aligned and coordinated with all the objectives of the organization in general. The process includes the development and maintenance of production schedules, organizing resources and materials, and tracking the progress of production.

The main aim of production planning and control is to make sure the production activities of the organization are effective and efficient and that all the needs of customers are fulfilled smoothly. For that, the production planners and controllers should have good knowledge about all the different objectives and the specific goals of the department of production. They must have good knowledge about the different activities and processes that are involved in the production so that the area of inefficiency can be identified by them.

The process of production planning and control is not an easy task, it is important to check that the process is done effectively and it can be made sure when the system and procedures take place properly. The essential tool that helps to support production planning and support is the manufacturing execution system (MES). For managing everything, from scheduling to management to quality control the software of MES provide an integrated place.

Financial planning

Production and operation managers need to take care of the various financial planning function so that the company can run smoothly and efficiently. Financial planning includes budget creation, sales and cost forecasting, and analysis of financial data. All this process will help to make sure that for continuous growth and covering the expenses the company has enough money.

The most important financial planning function of a production and operation manager is to make a budget. The planning involves the estimation cost that the company needs so that the company can cover its expenses which will be easy for the company to achieve its goals in the coming year. The budget must be flexible, achievable, and realistic so that it can be easy to encounter unexpected expenses.

Process design

For every manufacturing or service-related company process design is very important. This department includes the creation and continuous improvement process for making any product or service with suitable cost, quality, and level of speed. The main goal of the process design is to fulfill the needs of the customer at the same time keep achieving the strategic objectives of the company.

Product design

Production of new products and making changes in the existing products for their betterment are meant by product design. This process is done to identify the need of the customers, and their desires, making development according to the specification of the product and making of prototype. The main goal of product design is to make products that can fulfill the need of the customers and at the same time take care of the profit of the company.

The layout of plant and material handling

Plant layout, production, and operation management can be understood as the arrangement of the facilities in a factory. It is the physical arrangement of a workstation in the facility, its machinery, and its area of support. The main goal of the layout of the plant is to make an efficient workplace that can decrease wasted space and time.

Moving the raw material, work in progress, and finished goods in a factory are material handling. The process of material handling includes storing, receiving, retrieving, and shipping products. It will help to decrease the time and also the cost of moving material within the factory. 

Maintenance management

The process of maintenance management is to manage equipment maintenance and machinery maintenance. In this, the following process will include which are planning, scheduling, and execution of activities of maintenance. To make sure that all the equipment of the factory is maintained properly and safely operated efficiently the process of maintenance management is very important.

Material management

The process which includes storing and handling raw materials can be referred to as material management. The following processes are included in it they are sourcing, procurement, warehousing, and task quality control.

Forecasting is the most essential part of material management. Based on historical data, the demand of customers and trends forecasting is done. This will help the production planners to know what material will be needed in the future so that they can be obtained in advance.

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Functions of production and operation management


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What are the functions of production and operation?

The following things are ensured by the production and operation managers the services and products are produced efficiently and effectively and have fulfilled every quality standard.

What are the three main functions of production management?

There are three main functions of production management: planning, control, and coordination.

What are the four functions of operation management?

The functions of Fayol are combined and reduced to the main function of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

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