What Are The 7 Principles Of Total Quality Management?

Do you know how many people in your company are responsible for the quality of the products? If you think that some people in your company are responsible then that can be a problem for you. You must know that under an organization every person has the same responsibility of quality management. The main reason for this principle is to engage every worker of the organization, their action, and all system with that one common goal, which is maintaining and promoting the best quality standard of the products.

For all these to accomplish your organization may have a test management process and different tools to make sure how effective is your testing. But test management is not the only thing that can able to make sure the satisfaction of the customers. It must be remembered that the process of Total Quality Management is not only for delivering products and services which have high quality but also to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

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What is Total Quality Management?

Before we jump into the detail of the 7 principles of Total Quality Management, understanding what is Quality Management is very important and why the total is added before it.

There are various methods consist in Quality Management that is used by companies to make sure that their products, services, and business organization is continuously meeting the desired quality standard and also improving the quality standard. Quality Management has fundamental implementations which are often broken down into 4 types:

  • Quality planning.

  • Quality assurance.

  • Quality control.

  • Quality improvement.

For consistently providing and adding value to the customer, the employee, and the business each of the above implementations plays a crucial part.

Total Quality Management is based on all the above 4 categories. The ideology is that the overall quality of the organization and its supply chain contribution of every person and every process of the organization is very important. The job of maintaining the quality of the product and service of the organization does not only depend upon the inspector or quality personnel but every one of the organization needs to be equally committed to the goals of the organization.

What is Total Quality Management?

Importance of Quality Management

There is much importance of Quality Management. The method of Quality Management makes sure that the products and services that are delivered must carry a high quality. Every product or service passes through the process of quality assurance to make sure that the outcome of such a product is durable and reliable.

Through Quality Management it can make sure the customers are satisfied with the services and products, as they fulfill the expectation level of the customer. Customer loyalty can be achieved through this. The efficiency and productivity of the organization can be increased through good Quality Management which ultimately makes a positive impact on the revenue of the company.

Teamwork in the organization plays a very important role in a successful initiative of quality management. Hence it can breed team spirit within the organization.

Quality Management is also called Total Quality Management.

The 7 Principles of the Total Quality Management

The following 7 principles of Total Quality Management have been given by the ISO or the International Organization for Standardization. We will now deeply study each of the points.:

Customer focus

The method of Total Quality Management is primarily focused on meeting the requirements of the customer and also determiner to exceed the expectation of such customers. 

Among the 7-principle customer focus is the first and the main point. It is very obvious because the quality of products and services is the main thing that can fulfill the requirement of the customers. It is very important to meet the expected quality of the customers for the success of your organization.


The leaders of the organization unit the various purpose and give direction and create different conditions through which they engage the people of the organization to able to achieve the various quality objectives of the organization.

Leadership is the thing that is considered that it only flows from top to bottom in the organization but is not true, company leadership should flow in every direction. The main quality in leadership is not only to tell people what to do and what not but the main thing should be focused more on uniting the workforce of the organization.

Engagement of people

It is very important for an organization that it has competent empowered and engaged people at all levels of the organization which will help to enhance the capability to create and deliver value.

Whatever the size of your operation, you must remember that your company is your team. So, to manage your team efficiently, the involvement of every member of your team is very important. If you don’t engage your whole team then it will be difficult for you to pull value and quality from all areas of your operation.

Process approach

When your team can understand and manage the activities that are the process that is interrelated and functions as a well-organized system, then consistent and predictable results can be achieved more efficiently and effectively.

Within a company, no action can exist in isolation. Every process within the organization is interconnected with other procedures. So, managing the different processes of an organization individually doesn’t make any sense.

The 7 Principles of the Total  Quality Management


Every successful business organization keeps its focus on improvement to bring more success.

Change is the nature of every industry and it is changing constantly with time. Because with the advancement of technology and the expectation of the customer is increasing extraordinarily companies need to bring improvement in their process with an equal speed. 

Making an evidence-based decision

To bring desirable results companies need to make decisions that are based on analysis and thorough evaluation of data and information. 

Without trustworthy data, the company cannot able to perform evidence-based decision-making.

Relationship management

For bringing the success of the business organization, the company needs to manage a good relationship with the parties who are interested in the company that is the suppliers. Managing a good relationship with the customers and as well as with suppliers is very important for the success of the organization.


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What are the 7 concepts of Total Quality Management?

The following are the basic elements that come under the ideology of Total Quality Management:

Customer focus, continuous improvement, employee empowerment, quality tools, product design, process management, and supplier quality.

What is the concept of Total Quality Management?

The management framework that based on the belief that a business organization can able to build future success by engaging its all members, from low-level workers to high-ranking executives, on improving the quality and delivering customer satisfaction.

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