What Are The 5 Main Types Of Management Information Systems?

Computerized databases are very crucial for every organization, they help the various department of an organization such as sales, quality control, and human resources by providing the key information ready quickly. Management information system has to help in assembling the various information in databases so that they can be used and instantly accessed by the relevant employees. If you want to understand the functioning of the department of the various business then it will be very helpful for you if you learn about multiple database systems. Are you curious about knowing the different types of management information systems? Then this article will be helpful for you. In this article, we have discussed the 5 main types of management information systems that are crucial for every management student to know. Management students mostly have to do assignments to improve their practical learning. Sometimes they aren’t able to cope with their studies to complete their assignments. In such cases, our Marketing Assignment Help will be very helpful for them. 

What do you mean by a management information system?

An organization or company has various information and a management information system is a custom system that helps to handle that information of the company and also helps the managers by answering their questions or with their other specific tasks. For instance: the process of human resources management of a company is to help with categorizing the names of the employee, their photos, and all the information related to the company. Later on, managers of the company can take those information systems into use so that they can able to monitor the activities of the department or can also compare those activities with the previous activities so that they can able to evaluate the progress of the organization. There is some management information system that periodically can collect data throughout the workday.  Once the system can store the data, it can be then used to generate a report on demand. 

Management Information  System

What is the requirement and role of a management information system?

The following are the requirements of a management information system:

  • There is a requirement for a database for every management information system so that the information, documents, files, and reports can be stored. The information can be related to details of the employee, their performance, reviews, records, old presentations, and new projects.

  • For the installation of an information system in an organization, that organization needs to make some primary expenditures. Moreover, a management information system needs to maintain timely training of the employees.

  • A management information system can be proven to be useful only with regular use by the employees of the organization. for regular use employees need access and also the system needs to be maintained.

  • With MIS the operation of the business and organization development and it is important to keep up with the management information system or MIS. Hence, MIS needs regular updates. There are many cases in which it is found that the organization requires the application of additional hardware and new software.

5 types of management information systems or MIS

There are various types of management information systems we will discuss below the main 5 types:

Process control

In a business that has a manufacturing process, there are many processes for creating products that are supervised by some of the management information systems. So, a system of process control is taken into use for monitoring the various process which includes the production of steel, petroleum processing, or automobile construction. Throughout the process of creating a product, the system of process control continuously gathers data so that a report can be created based on the performance of the system. It can be easily detected by process control if any part of the process is slower or faster than usual. The software of process control is very important in regulating products and production because manufacturing companies are involved in various processes simultaneously. The system of process control also helps the manager to show them when certain important events within a process occur. 

The system of management reporting

Reports are made by the management reporting system of the various operation of the company. The operation of the company includes financial, operational, attendance, accident, and efficient reports. Within a system of organization, the management reporting system does not manage every process. With the help of the management reporting system managers of the company can able to keep their look on the operations of the company without gathering any data from every department.  

 Types of Management Information Systems or MIS

Inventory control

Managers of the company can able to track the present state of a department or inventory of the company. The process of inventory control can be used by managers to be able to understand the effect of any possible spoiling, theft, or sale of inventory through a single report. Through this process, it will the purchasing manager understand the time of restocking certain retail items. The process of inventory control also helps to keep track of the inventory movements within the warehouse by informing the managers that all item has arrived at the site safely. 

Sales and market system

The manager keeps track of the sales of the company and advertising efficiency with the help of sales and marketing systems. Reports are created by the marketing site that can be helpful for the managers to able to improve the quality of products the review of the customers and their feedback. The managers can also have a better understanding of the distribution networks through those reports, which will help them to learn what has created customer response. With the help sales system, the managers can able to use the reports that can help them to learn more about the projected sales and make comparisons with the current profit. 

Human resource system

Through the system of effective human resources, HR managers can able to control the information that is circulating over the company. the different electronic systems such as the computer of the company, phones, and other machines are part of the company’s system. With help of a human resource management system, HR can look after various processes of the company. hiring, recruiting, and giving new hires training are all included in it. 


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What are the five types of MIS?

The following are the five types of MIS:

  • Process control.

  • Management and reporting system.

  • Inventory control.

  • Sales and marketing system.

  • Human resources system.

What are the 6 elements of MIS?

The basic 6 elements of MIS are as follows, capturing data, transmitting data, storing data, retrieving data, manipulating data, and displaying information. 

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