Using Learning Analytics To Guide Learning: An Analysis Of Marketing Assignments

Advanced technology helps students to keep a track of their learning and provides them with the opportunity to store their education in the form of big data.  These techniques are also safe for students to keep their studies safe and protected from leaking. Students can also use different sources to gather all information and knowledge like social media platforms, online informative videos, and research papers. online academic assignment help services use these techniques to master their skills of writing and increasing knowledge. The other reason behind choosing learning analytics is to increase safe learning skills for a better future. Marketing assignments need many knowledge and information for working in a functional way. The reason why marketing assignments are tough for students to complete. 

What is Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is the process of collecting measuring, analysing and reporting the data to the learner and making it understandable according to their context, and then optimising the learning according to the environment where it occurs. In simple language, learning analytics is the process of data collection of students’ performances. Marketing Assignment Writing Experts also use learning analytics for keeping the track of their information. MBA Assignment Writers also use learning analytics for better learning.

Roles of Learning analytics in Teaching models

The roles of learning analytics are very major like tracking usage of the learning materials and tools by students, learning analytics functions as a tool that helps students to find their issues and gaps, it also helps students to develop an objective evaluation for learning materials, another role is that it allows the learner to take decisions of approaches. Students can also use learning analytics for accessing learning behaviour, social learning evaluation, Individual learning, Student performance improvement and visualizing learning activities.

Uses of learning analytics

There are many different ways that can instruct the use of learning analytics like,

Access Learning Behaviour

Learning analytics helps to collect the data generated by the user from their learning activities and offers many new trends that can help them to manage learning engagement is access learning behaviour. The habit of analysing the trends that can teach them their learning behaviour and identifying their learning styles.  The approach measures student behaviour and learning styles.

Learning materials and tools

Learning analytics are used to track the usage of materials and tools to find potential issues and gaps. It helps the instructor to allow a deliberate decision about the new modified approaches, instructors can also see the strategies to improve the process of learning of the course.

Individual learning

Adaptive learning systems use learning analytics to arrange the learning content for every student. For furthers, the different sets of data are collected and analysed from the student’s learning and help them to gather more information.

Improved the performance

According to existing data for learning engagement and techniques for improving knowledge and increasing performance with the help of statistical data and machine learning techniques. This technique can help students and reduce the risk of failure by providing more information on the targeted area.   

Visualize learning activities

This strategy helps to track all the learning activities that are performed by the users or learners on a digital ecosystem to make a report of the learning process. The technique helps to encourage both the student and the teacher to improve their learning ways and behaviour.


The aim of learning analytics is to analyse the data from the student and give or support them by providing a learning environment at a different level. Treat Assignment Help in UK provides business management assignment help at affordable prices for better future development.


Q1. Explain the importance of Learning analytics.

Learning analytics is very important as it increases efficiency and effectiveness by keeping you updated on the quality of your performance.  The data provided by learning analytics is known for increasing productivity and allowing the learner to show their response effectively to any educational challenge.

Q2. What are the uses of learning analytics for higher studies?

There are several benefits for students who use learning analytics for a better future. Students can benefit from it by using the analytics related to internet education programs that have the quality to provide students with more detailed information related to the subject. Some of the users can also work and improve their reflecting on behaviour by the use of it.

Q3. Can learning analytics improve performance?

Yes, learning can be improved from the use of learning analytics. A lot of students have taken the advantage of learning analytics to track their education and performance for better future opportunities.

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