Total Quality Management Principles: Top 11 Principles Of TQM

What is total quality management?

Have you ever wondered about the importance of quality? Total quality management is an approach that aims to ensure the delivery the long term success by providing total satisfaction to the customers via focusing on high quality. The term quality plays a crucial role in academic work and other fields too. If you are unable to provide a good quality of work to the other person, your value will be down. For example, you must have heard that you failed research work because the quality of the assignment was not good. Even teachers expect a good quality of work from the students based on which they receive grades. It is the primary rationale why students majorly look for MBA Assignment Help. With the change of time, one can easily get Instant assignment help online.

How the concept of TQM is used?

The concept of the TQM is wider and broader and it is important to focus on applying it systematically. For example, an organization aims to develop products and services that fulfill the needs and demands of the target audiences. Companies use brainstorming and group decision-making through which they are capable of understanding the target audience and accordingly they follow the processes. It has become important for the organization and individuals to focus on providing an effective quality of work as it helps in generating more revenue and a good image in front of others. This concept of total quality management was introduced by Toyota. Let's discuss more the principle of TQM.

How the concept of TQM is used?

Top 11 Principles of Total Quality Management

Here are some of the important principles of total quality management which are followed widely:

Customer-centric approach

It is the principle that states that the customers are the asset of the company because no matter how many tools, technologies o manpower has been used, it is the customer who will rate the products or service in the market and the firm.

 Employee engagement

Employee engagement and involvement also play a crucial role and that also helps in the achievement of the goals and objectives. The quality can be also managed and improved if the employees are devoted to their work and focused on delivering the best result on time.

Continue improvement

TQM’s essential component is continuous improvement which highlights that the level of quality should be delivered at a continuous level and with the same processes.

A Strategic Approach to Improvement

Businesses or organizations must adopt a new strategic approach for the betterment or improvement to maintain the level of quality.

Integrated system

It is another important principle that with the help of an efficient integrated system,  it is necessary to keep every department of the firm up to date about the quality standards, policies, and other strategies so that goals are achieved constantly.

Decision making

Data and information play an important role and companies must keep and apply the latest information. With the help of effective decision-making, new information can be used as an advantage point.


Communication is also considered an essential element of the TQM because, with the help of effective communication, it is easy to motivate the employees the work and stay focused. It also helps in keeping the quality at higher aspects.


It is an approach by which the firm or people determine their overall performance and uses the best practices to sustain the quality.

Process approach

If you want to maintain the quality of the work, you need to adopt the process approaches that help in the creation of the path at a consistent level.


Leadership also has a broader impact on total quality management because a leader is accountable for the change of the decisions and influences the individuals.

Market and audience research

In this principle, you must be aware of the what are needs and demands of the audience and what quality they prefer,  This can be achieved by conducting market and audience research.

Top 11 Principles of Total Quality Management


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