Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing A College Assignment

Writing assignments is a very hectic and unwanting task for many students, and evaluating it is too for the teachers. But it is necessary to undergo this process for getting good marks and improving your academics. We can become pro in assignment writing if we follow some crucial steps and avoid doing some mistakes that our evaluators hate the maximum.

Here’s a list of some important mistakes that must be avoided while writing a college assignment:-

Plagiarism: Plagiarism refers to stealing ideas or work of someone else and stating them as your own without their permission. Plagiarism is a very unethical thing and is a punishable crime. We have always learnt since our childhood that stealing and lying are immoral attributes. In case of plagiarism, both these sins are performed and it is not at all compromised in any case. If you steal someone else’s ideas, even if you may have done alterations in sentences or their structuring, it is considered as Plagiarism. You should never make this mistake of copy-pasting other people’s write-ups, as this is punishable by various colleges and you may also get suspended, therefore be careful. Even if you have some alteration of ideas or sentences, you will be caught because your professors possess years of experience in evaluating assignments and are well versed with identifying the originality of content and they also have access to various plagiarism tracking software, hence you are nowhere left with the chance of not getting caught. If you want to use someone’s work then take their permission or quote their work exactly the way it is and cite the source.


Writing too much or too less: You must be capable enough to write and express your ideas within the specified word limit. Always stick to the word limit, and avoid writing too much or too little. In some cases, going beyond the word limit is considerable when the content you are showcasing is of an exceptional level. But, in many cases, it is considered a violation of writing rules, and this can hamper your chances of getting good marks. This is because writing in more than the specified limit shows your lack of discipline and attention.

The same is the case with writing too less; writing below the word limit also can reduce your chances of getting good grades. When you are short of words, this indicates you are lacking in creativity and knowledge or you may be considered lazy. Professors judge your knowledge and presentation skills by your write-ups and therefore it is necessary to write in a sufficient word limit to showcase your knowledge base.

Avoid writing insignificant content: Students often make the mistake of writing unnecessary things in their student assignments. Remember, you must be able to impart more information in fewer words if you write fewer words but give quality information that is considerable than the situation where more words are included merely for the sake of adhering to the word limit. You must answer the questions asked in assignment by keeping in mind the required frame of answering, don’t put irrelevant data in your assignments.

Spelling & Grammar Checks: Assignments that have spelling and grammatical errors will never get top grades. Spelling and grammar are two very crucial aspects of writing skills and they can’t be ignored at any cost. Similarly, if you do any typos, it will always deduct your marks. All these errors show your carelessness towards your task performance, and this lack of focus may cost you a loss of marks. It signifies your education level and evaluates your learning throughout your academic life. Remember, if you don’t take this issue seriously and improve on this front, it may even harm your professional life.

Proof Reading: Proofreading is the last step after you are done with your assignment making. It focuses on identifying the errors that may have occurred in your write-up. It involves various checks such as grammar and spelling checks, drafting patterns, verification of information, etc. You can use various tools available online that can help in identifying some general mistakes but if you want a completely mistake-free assignment, you must do proofreading by yourself or take the help of an expert, who can check your assignment and specify the areas where there’s a need of improvement. Sometimes, even spell checker tools available online can’t recognize some errors; in that case, it’s better to get your assignment verified by an authentic and knowledgeable writer. Also, make sure to maintain proper formatting, stick to the rules of formatting and keep diligence while preparing your assignments.

Ambiguity in thought process: You must express your understanding of the topic in a lucid manner so that there’s no doubt left in the mind of reader. There should be clarity regarding the concepts and methodology you applied to research that topic, and the findings should also be expressed in a clear manner. When you are crystal clear about the understanding of the topic, then only you’ll be able to express that to the reader. The expression should be in a comprehensible way that should intrigue the reader to read more and predict what's going to come next. Your presentation should be backed up by facts on your central argument in an orderly manner. Don’t use complex sentences; instead describe the information in a logical way with simple sentences.

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