Ten Top Tips To Improve Your Financial Management

For the growth of your company and to survive your company in a good condition, you need to know effective management of your finances. Managing your finances can be tough but with proper planning, controlling, organizing, and monitoring of your financial resources you can easily achieve your business objectives. You can effectively use the resources of your business, fulfills the need of your stakeholders, can take advantage of the competitive market, and can also able to plan for financial stability for long period with good financial management.

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What do you understand by financial management?

For the students of MBA or business management, financial management is one of the important subjects in their course. The students of management need to have good knowledge about financial management so that it can help them in the future if they want to start their own business. So, let's understand what is this financial management. For managing the finances of a business, practicing good financial management is very important. As per Harry G. Guthmann and Herbert Edward Dougall the financial experts, the activity which included raising, planning, controlling, and administering funds to be used in the business is called financial management. It is one of the most important facets of a business because through financial management you can manage and grow your business and money both.

If you want to save your business from being bankrupt then planning and controlling your finances is very important. For future entrepreneurs planning their business finances is very important because that will may help them in their future to survive when they face bad times in their business and take their business to next level in good times. Assignments of financial management play a very important role for students, they have to solve a lot of critical problems and have to give real-life examples that will sharpen their financial management skills. If you need help with your assignments then take MBA Assignment Help from our management experts.

Functions of financial management?

The following are the important functions of financial management:

Estimation of capital requirement

For expanding and maintaining the business operations how much capital a firm need must be estimated by the financial manager. The estimation is depending upon different factors like profit, expected expenses, and plans which can only be made through financial management.

To choose the source of fund

The company can acquire its funds from different sources which include debentures, shares, loans, etc., and it will be decided by the company based on merits and demerits.

Plans of investment

A company must invest in the funds which will help to grow its capital, the financial manager will decide this based on safety and profit.

Cash management

Managing cash is very important for a company, cash is needed for many purposes, and it must be decided by the company how much cash to keep in hand to meet those purposes.

Risk management

A financial manager must evaluate all the risks that a company faces. That will help the manager to decide on the eventuality.

Allocation of profits

It is important to decide to distribute the profits made by the firm among the shareholders so that they can be reinvested for expansion or innovation and evaluate every need so that correct decisions can be made.

Functions of financial management?

Tips to improve the financial management of a business

To improve and better understand the financial management of your business here are the ten tips:

Keeping updated accounting records

It is very important to keep up with the accounting record of your business as the best strategy to follow so that you can improve your business. If you have records of your finances then that will help you in making a budget, making the best decisions, and making better policies to boost your business overall.

Monitoring financial position

It is very important to keep monitoring the financial position of your business it will help you to track if you’re your business is efficiently performing. Can track whether is making a profit or losing financially and according to that, you can take the right and better financial decision for your business.

Plan your budget

Planning a budget for your business is a very important step if you want effectively manage your business for the rest of the year. Planning your business budget can allow you to be ahead of your time in taking certain decisions for your business.

Must know about your day-to-day cost

If your track your spending daily will help you control your cost. This will help to indicate whether the monthly budget for your business has exceeded or is under control.

Increase your savings

You should have some saving plans, that will save you and your business from sudden operational changes in your business. It will be easier for you to focus on your business goals and achieve success on the progress if you have good savings.

Debt management

Debt can affect the progress of your business. If you are taking a loan make sure that you can repay it on time. It should be your priority to repay the outstanding debt of your business.

Your expenses and pricing should be scrutinized 

It was very important to have a close look into your expenses to figure out where you have invested your money. And that helps you stop you from doing unnecessary expenses.

Keeping a look into the pricing is also a very important tool. To increase your sale and financial position of the business lower price proved to be a good idea sometime. You must make sure that when you lower the price of the product you are not losing money. When raising the price of products make sure you are not losing a lot of customers.

Financial forecasting is important

It is very important and also a very good habit to keep tracking the latest market trends and plan your business finances accordingly. This step will help you to plan a clear future and also help you to plan a better strategy for your business that will bring growth to your business.

Take professional help

If you need to take help with the financial situation of your business then you must take help from a professional. If you are facing a problem with understanding your finances then you must consult an accountant or professional finance expert. They will help you with keeping a record of your business finances.

Should choose the right investor

One of the valuable assets of your business is your investors, they will invest their funds in your business so that you can get through with the loans. They will help you with the growth of your business or give you backup during your business’s difficult times. For the success of your business, it is very important to choose the right investor for your business.

Tips to improve the financial management of a business


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What are the best financial tips?

Here are the best financial tips:

  • Pay in cash.

  • Know budget.

  • Get knowledge about a personal loan.

  • Start emergency loan.

  • Start your retirement savings early.

  • Stay on top of your taxes.

  • Protect your wealth.

What are the five good financial habits?

Five habits you should consider for planning your finances:

  • Before paying pay yourself first.

  • Earn more spend less.

  • Don’t be affected by emotion while taking financial decisions.

  • Don’t take lots of debt.

  • Always take help from your professional financial adviser.

What are financial management skills?

You must know to set personal financial goals, oversees investment, manage and create a budget, keep a balance sheet, and handle your credit cards. Through financial management skills, you can learn good problem-solving skills.

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