Social Science Assignment Topics & Project Ideas For UK Students

Social science is a vast field of study where students need to do a lot of research as a part of their study. Social science has another term humanities which is more popular than the other term. If you are a student who is belonging to the social science field of study then you have to face a variety of assignments. Indeed, the topics that are provided to social science students for dissertation work are very challenging but on the other hand, they are very fascinating. The students of social science can gain knowledge about various cultures and human society through their research and study. Various interesting topics come under this field of study which includes archaeology, anthropology, literature, art, religion, and the broader part of arts.

Social Science Assignment Topics & Project Ideas for UK Students

The most challenging part even more than writing the assignment or thesis is choosing an interesting topic for it. If you want to submit an excellent assignment to your professor then you need to choose a great topic for it. Limited topics make it more difficult for the students to choose a good topic. If you want to keep aside all these hassles then you can take Social Science Assignment Writing Services from online sources. They are the best alternative today. Moreover, in this article, we have provided you with some interesting topic ideas for your humanities assignment. So, keep reading.

Area of study of social science

Various aspects come under this field of study. Some of the various aspects we have discussed below:

People and environment

So, this is the aspect that helps the students in creating their perception of the world and also able to understand how the interaction between humans and the environment. When you learn about different people of different locations and what resources they are using in their day-to-day life you will easily achieve that.


The study of social science taught students how the particular culture of any place shapes that society and equally affects the lives of those people. Not only this you can also learn how the people of those places adapt, create and share their diverse cultures.

Consumption and production

How the people of different places manage the production of various goods and how they distribute it as well. All these things are more connected to the subject of economics.

Civic ideas

Civic ideas are an important thing that students need to understand that complete function as independent members of society. It aims to teach the students about the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Authority and governments

Social science is a field of study that is focused on authority. Students who are pursuing this field of study will learn how the different types of governance are formed. Not only that they are also able to learn the different functions and purposes that are associated with the political system.

We will share with you some of the interesting social science dissertation topics below that will make your research work easy. You can take Social Science Assignment Help from online sites as well if you don’t want to take the hassle of college projects.

Topics under culture

Following are the interesting topics of culture for your social science project. The projects of social science are focused on the different attributes of culture which include arts, literature, tradition, etc.

  1. The principle of the multicultural policy of Australia.

  2. The domestic etiquette of modern worship.

  3. Communities of Indonesia and worship of the ancestors.

  4. Issues associates with gender and women during the society during the medieval period.

  5. Gender roles can be decided by the upbringing of the boys and girls in American families.

  6. Taboos and emotions of the modern society.

  7. How the hippies of the US are created?

  8. Values and religion are associated with family.

  9. Why does today's political correctness matter so much?

  10. Does our future come under our social responsibilities?

Topics related to politics and governance

Politics is one of the important fields that come under social science. Here are the topics that are associated with politics in the field of social science.

Topics related to politics and governance

  1. A case study of the American Whig Party.

  2. The US political party and violence.

  3. After the civil war, the changes came in the ideology of the Republican Party.

  4. Do you think that there is any connection between the anti-Semitic movement and anti-Americanism?

  5. The black power movement and student activism.

  6. The difficulties that come with civil war in Sri Lanka.

  7. Is there anything that can be done by Law against election fraud?

  8. The power of Congress over precedential elections.

  9. The prominent political machine of the last decade.

  10. Discussion on judicial independence.

Topics related to economics

Economic research topics under social science will be always related to consumption and production. The topics are as follows.

  1. A case study on the economic democracy system flaws.

  2. The bankruptcy of the US middle-class family.

  3. Global and moral capitalism.

  4. Can we foresee the future of the European Monetary System?

  5. Understanding the profitable investment of the stock market.

  6. How the current global economy is influenced by the Silk Road?


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What are the topics related to social science?

The subject of social science includes the following subjects, archeology, anthropology, geography, economics, history, linguistics, sociology, psychology, and politics.

What are some of the social work topics?

Here are some of the topics related to social work, the affordable care act, addiction, aging, conversion therapy, autism spectrum disorder, early invention program, elder abuse, etc.

How do you choose a topic for social science research?

First of all, thoroughly identify the topic select a good topic, check your topic properly, develop your topic, and lastly, make a strategy for the search.

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