Understanding Organisational Behaviour Assignment Sample

Organizational behaviour simply explains the interaction of human beings who works under an organization that helps them to operate their business more effectively.  This includes staff’s behaviour with each other and staff’s behaviour in and as a group. Organizational behaviour is an important study as it helps understand how to motivate people to put more effort to increase productivity, and how people make decisions for better results. 

Models of Organizational Behaviour

The five most effective models of organizational behaviour are:

•    Autocratic model- The principle of this model is to prove their authority over the employees and control over their work. 

•    Supportive model- its aim is to build an organization that depends on leadership more than power or money. 

•    System model- its aim is to decide the common goals of the organization by reaching an argument between the firm and the employee. 

•    Collegial model- Its aim is to create a comfortable environment in the firm for the staff and the management to make them feel like equal contributors. 

•    Custodial model- The aim of this model is to make the employees realise that the organization cares about their needs and try to fulfil their responsibilities. 

Organisational Behaviour

Key Factors affecting Organization Behaviour

There are some key factors affecting organizational behaviour

•   Technology- Technology is a big factor that affects organizational behaviour. It provides sources that help the employees to perform the task more effectively and also helps them to increase their productivity. 

•   Organizational structure- Organizational structure refers to the inflexible relationship between staff and manager. 

•   Employee- Changing employees and hiring new staff very frequently also affects organizational behaviour as they take time to get used to a new environment. 

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