Tourism Marketing Principles Assignment Sample

Executive Summary

The report provides in-depth information regarding tourist marketing principles. In addition, PESTLE and Porter's five forces for internal assessment. Besides this paper focus on corporate ethics and how it is useful in the tourism industry. Stakeholders play an important role as they help in expanding the business effectively. Further, the report suggests different approaches like marketing strategies which help in social and environmental in the future. The objective of the report is to identify ethical principles and how it has a positive impact on the world.

Business Overview

Premium Inn is the UK's biggest hotel chain and provides its services all across the globe. Their chain is spread over the US, Ireland and with around 8000 rooms. The hotel cater needs of the guest and provide services accordingly to provide a better experience. Visitors who are looking for a better hospitality approach, choose the hotel for its legacy and great service. The company also provide online booking services for tourist for ease and offer hassle-free stay. 

External Analysis 

These are the forces that are used to determine business activities outside the company and how they impact growth (Ivanov and Webster, 2019). PESTEL is one of the effective methods to understand scenarios and frame policies accordingly. Here is the pestle framework for Premier Inn in done to understand the business environment effectively. 




This factor focuses on the political environment of the country like government policies and political environment. Premium Inn opening in the UK is beneficial due to the support of the government.


Inflation, gross domestic product, unemployment, policies, etc., all play a role in the economy. Understanding all these aspects is important before operating a business.


Customers' demographics, culture, faith, etc., as well as their attitudes, behaviours, and likings, are all considered sociocultural influences.


These days, hotel guests want a fully wired experience during their stay. By incorporating new technologies into their operations, Premier Inn can provide a better service to achieve common objectives.


Some examples are safety regulations, standards for endorsing products, protections for clients, etc. Premier Inn needs to ensure the safety of its guests by following all local, state, and federal building codes.


This is essential for the hotel to meet all the eco-friendly laws as this help in developing a better brand image and offering customers a better experience.

Internal Analysis 

Porters five forces

The threat of new entrants

When used to Premier Inn, the term "threat of substitutes" describes the chance that customers will choose an alternative lodging option rather than staying at one of the company's hotels.

Bargaining power of suppliers

Guests can choose from a wide range of guesthouses and other lodging options delivered by a wide range of businesses.

The threat of new substitutes

This means that customers have different options to choose from. Hence, it is essential to cater to the needs to retain loyal guests for long.

Bargaining power of customer

Premier Inn has built a solid reputation for providing excellent service, pleasant accommodations, and dependable conveniences, all of which contribute to high levels of customer satisfaction and return visits.

Rivalry among consumer

Several excellent hotels throughout Europe can be found for much less money than their UK counterparts while still providing the same standard of service.

Ethical in Business

It is important to manage ethical behavior as this allows to gain the trust of customers and the hotel can able to generate a loyal customer base. Customer confidentiality is important and Premium Inn hotels need to provide security as well as privacy while booking hotels (Alonso et al., 2020). Apart from this, there must be transparency which like offering fair prices of hotels as well as additional costs. Further, it is crucial to improve the supply chain and offer services as per the needs and requirements. 

Future Development

Premium Inn needs to focus on an eco-friendly marketing approach as customers have become aware of the environment.  This influence increases the customer base and makes a different brand image in the hotel industry (Ali et al., 2019). The company needs to focus on offering new experiences as this allows it to create loyalty and provide a wider audience across the region. Use of social media help in reaching more people and can easily connect with people. Implementing new technology will help in facilitating a competitive edge in the respective industry. 


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