Strategic Marketing Management Sample

Define and discuss the strategic marketing management concept.

Strategic marketing management is defined as a process of execution of organizational processes and functions via the use of effective strategic processes to achieve goals. The main benefit of strategic marketing management is that it allows the business to execute its activities properly.  Different types of strategies are used by the organization based on the market needs and requirements such as market study, adoption of international approaches, and improving the organizational structure. Many of the projects are also assigned by the teachers to students in colleges about marketing management, strategic approaches, and more. Students often require homework help for projects or assignments.

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 3 phases of strategic marketing management

  • Budgeting

 It is an important aspect of strategic marketing management because it aims to focus on controlling and managing the cost of marketing management activities appropriately. During the strategic implementation, the budget of the marting approaches is also examined adequately.

  • Long term planning

This is also to be considered an essential part of strategic marketing management because long-term planning is needed within strategic marketing management. Without planning, it is not easy to focus on the implementation of the strategy in the business or the market. Managers and leaders of the firm are accountable for the long-term planning of the business.

  • Developing a strategic plan

Strategic Plan is the main aspect of marketing management in the business sector. The main benefit of developing a strategic plan is that it helps in forming effective strategies about how to execute the strategies that have been formed with the use of proper planning.

Considering these three phases will help the in applying the strategies of marketing management appropriately.

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