Managing People in a Global Context Sample

All the important works of the business that makes it a successful one or not totally depend on its brand value in the market at any level. To increase the company’s market value, HR plays an essential role. Be it recruiting employees or strengthening the business, all these duties are given to HR professionals. They can increase the productivity of the employees by managing the task effectively. HRM skills are a primary need for the development of the company. When it comes to managing people at a global level, there are different policies in different countries regarding HRM skills.

Importance of Employees' rights to prevent them from any kind of discrimination

Employees are a very important part of a company. They are the main revenue generators whether the company is product-based or service-based. The rights of the employees ensure better work done and better management. If there is too much workload and the employee is stressed about that then they have full right to take a stand for them. 

Managing People in a Global Context

What are the key areas of HR policies in different countries as per their laws?

If a multinational company wants to set up its business in a new country then it is very difficult as each country has different people management laws. To make it easier, the company should follow the HRM model of that country. Things like working hours, workload, weekend holidays, or employee rights are maybe different with respect to the country.

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