Human Rights Act Assignment Sample Paper With Answers

The Human Rights Act 1998 is a fundamental rights and freedoms of the public of the UK.  According to this law, every person, or human have the right to use and develop their talent, intelligence, quality, spirituality and other needs. This act is one of the most legislative act of the country current time.

Rights covered by this Act

The rights that comes under this act are mentioned as ‘Articles’. Every article comes under the different rights which are the following-

  • Article 2 covers: Right to Life
  • Article 3 covers: Freedom from inhuman, torture and degrading treatment
  • Article 4 covers: Freedom from forced labour and slavery
  • Article 5 covers: Right to security and liberty
  • Article 6 covers: Right to a fair trial
  • Article 7 covers: No punishment without law
  • Article 8 covers: Freedom to privacy or respect for your private and family life, home, and correspondence
  • Article 9 covers: Freedom of thoughts, believes and choosing the religion
  • Article 10 covers: Freedom of expression
  • Article 11 covers: Freedom of assembly and association
  • Article 12 covers: Right to marry and start the family
  • Article 14 covers: Protection from discrimination in respect of the rights and freedoms provided by the law
  • Protocol 1, Article 1 is: Right to enjoy your property
  • Protocol 1, Article 2 is: Right to education
  • Protocol 1, Article 3 is: Right to participate in free election
  • Protocol 13, Article 1 is: Abolition of the death penalty

But in Article 1 and Article 13 are not included into this act because the UK government have fulfilled the need of these rights by making the law of Human Rights Act in 1998.

Effect of the Act in the UK

The effect of this act is very strong over the British Court.

It is easy to seek justice

Public bodies have to respect your rights

New Laws will be compatible with Convention rights

Impact of the Human rights Act 1998

  • Development of ‘right culture’ because the focus has shifted over the public interest and personal responsibility. After the Human Rights Act introduced the public of the UK also claimed to develop a blatant disrespect for the rights of others.
  • As per the UK government, public authorities have become less certain after the Human rights Act came into power.
  • Now public is asking for providing the authority of taking an account in  UK judicial practice to the court as an extra consideration.
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