Human Resource Management Assignment Sample


It is the process of selecting and finding people for a business. Human resource is used to refer to human resource management. HR department controls implementing and managing policies. The field of HRM developed over time in terms of concepts and systems. The central aim is to examine the functions of HRM as well as organizational performance. 

First section 

Organizational success depends on the process that creates human resource management. In HRM it is essential to attract and choose the best individuals for open positions in the area of staffing (Phillips, 2022). It ensures that the company employs talented and skilled employees. It offers training opportunities so staff members can improve their abilities. Efficiency and performance both are enhanced by this function. HRM plans benefits and compensation schemes. To get ahead of future employment, planned workforce planning is used by HRM. Management of human HR depends on HR consultants. They cooperate with the team leaders to offer service and support. The pandemic has increased the role of HR. 

Second section

Human resource management would be considered a strategic function because it helps an organization in achieving objectives. It supports organizations in becoming more useful by attracting the greatest talent. Three methods are used in knowing HRM, planned method, reasonable method, and resource-based method. The strategic method is more practical. Few areas are resource-based to HRM departments from a straight method (Prasetyo, et al., 2023).  In the tourist sector, HRM knowingly impacts an organization’s performance. Client satisfaction and increased output revenue may result from this. Success and ability are necessary to ensure staff members and development creativities. 

Third section

It is a process of employing email locating, and selecting qualified job applicants. It plays an important role in HRM and includes choosing and recruiting workers. It comprises the nature position and requirements for experience and training. The recruitment process cannot be carried out without strategic planning. The recruitment team may be big or small depending on the size of a business. The hiring process includes interviewing, choosing, and many more. For locating new applicant’s recommendation employments make use of associates of current employees. 

Position- visitors selling expert. 

Job Description- We are looking for a creative active tourism marketing specialist to join our team. You are responsible for developing strategies to promote tourism. 

Responsibilities- Market research to identify the target audience will be the key responsibilities in the industry. 

Fourth Section 

Selection describes the process of locating and selecting qualified applicants inside a business. The company chooses best applicants after valuations are finished makes a job offer and starts the recruiting procedure. Various techniques of selection are used in employee sourcing. Procedures are divided into different forms. Each provides qualifications of structural candidates. The accuracy of candidates improved by combining different lines, which is better in hiring decisions. The procedure can be divided into different parts which provide particular insights and qualification fit of candidates. Online evaluation is becoming more common and contains different kinds of decision activities. Candidates desired qualities are taken into reflection while selecting. Candidates' valuation is improved by combining different approaches, which results better in attractive decisions. In the beginning, it becomes easy to boost job fulfillment, increase efficiency, and many more. 

Fifth section

Human resource management sets goals which signify, employees with knowledge and needs of the company and helps to move towards goals. Planning is important for the organization because it helps the organization with the right force and time. It helps organizations in developing strategies to create promotional ways. The tourism industry benefits from performance management because it involves expectations and needs (Kabeyi, 2019). With the goal position process talent management process helps employees to give their best and improves the results of business. The process of career management helps employees to manage plans effectively within the tourism industry. For better opportunities, employees need to be motivated for advancement in growth. It helps in enhancing productivity and achieving satisfaction in jobs. 

Sixth section

A positive environment for better opportunities and growth needs to be created by employees and a fair return for everybody in the workplace. It resulted in improved satisfaction of job and quality of service. Employees engaged with the tourism industry create memorable experiences for guests. Relationship between employees and the tourism industry helps to run a business effectively and positively. Experienced employees are beneficial for the company but it is not an easy task. Keeping the rate of turnover low is the main goal behind this process. It also improves employees' experiences. 

Seventh section

Learning concepts that help employees within the tourism industry gain knowledge improves the experiences of guests and provides services of better quality. E-learning helps employees to access training material online. These courses enhance learning and knowledge management involves valuable information in the tourism industry. Employees create databases in this industry related to local attractions. Using knowledge management, it becomes easy to provide service and access the process easily. 


Human resource management is wide for every organization. It benefits in organizing performance and values in effective settings. Approaches help in certifying practices that are associated successfully in an organization. It affects the growth and satisfaction of employees who tend to create a friendly environment. The hiring process includes staff members which plays an important role in HR management.


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