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It is witnessed that globalization brings out the people from their native place and made them travel all around the world. Such people are still connected through social media through which they can interact, communicate and collaborate and share their idea. This report will thoroughly discuss the personal learning identities and core competencies through social media which help in successful education. Supporting pieces of evidence are also discussed concerning personal learning identity.

Personal Learning Identities

Personal learning identities, it is understood as the approaches of social media which provided personalized instruction and improved programs. Seekers, learners, and those who are busy with different experiences in life are categorized as individuals with personalized learning identities.

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Why Personal Learning Identities Are Important?

Through personalized learning identities, learners gain strength which makes them confident about themselves and also helps them to know their skills. Create self-identity for the learners which helps them to differentiate from others. Helps to keep them away from insecurities by maintaining a personal learning identity. Can able to develop adjustable nature which helps them to adapt immediately.

Core Competencies

Core competencies can be understood as the resources and potentials that help learners to develop strategic advantages. Here core competencies are divided into the following seven essential competencies mentioned below:

  • The flexibility of the learner and team- The main aim of this is to create a team that can learn and grow together.

  • Lean agile leadership- It discusses how power is given to the learner by the leaders so that they can achieve full capability. 

  • Learner solution- The system of living that is continuously thriving for the learners is created.

  • The agility of the learner- Correct learning goals are formed with the help of this for the learners who want to learn. 

  • Lean portfolio management- It creates coordination through portfolio value streams.

  • Continuous learning culture- It represents that learners can foster continuous learning. 

  • The agility of the teacher- Through these, teachers can react fast when there are changes in the needs of learning outcomes. 

Attributes Required For Educational Success

Leadership- With good leadership quality learners can perform well. When teachers show their proper qualities of leadership it helps the students to learn effectively. 
High expectations- When learner shows high expectations that help them to learn academics well. 
Continuous evaluation- Learners can know about their progress when they are evaluated and assessed regularly this continuous evaluation is important. 
Aims and direction- Particular goals should be set by the school administration that will help the students to perform well. 
Organization and security- The process of learning is required to be organized and proven.

Impact Of Personal Learning Identity On Learning Experience

The proper intention of the learners towards achieving the learning outcomes can be set with the help of personal learning identity. Maintaining good relationships by the learners with their teachers is very important and that can be achieved by cultivating personal learning identity.

The Function Of Feedback In The Process Of Learning

The teachers must maintain transparency with the learners by giving genuine feedback that will help them in their improvement. In the process of learning teachers must share with their students the positivity in their performance in that way learners get inspiration and can focus on their strengths. Not only positive feedback there must be negative feedback as well which creates a scope among the learners for their improved performance.

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Development Of Personal Strategies Receive And Analyze Feedback For Self-Improvement

Listening should be the key skill for the learners that will help them in learning and understand more effectively. Learners must be attentive at the time when the teacher gives them feedback and listen carefully the important to points. Listening is not only enough learners should also apply those feedback in their next performance. The learner should create an action plan.

Researched pieces of evidence that challenge or support personal learning identity

After doing my research and understanding the social thoroughly I can say that the research was supportive and it was easy for me to understand the whole information and materials about social media deeply. With that, I want to say that while researching the content for the personal related identity it was quite difficult, time-consuming, and challenging for me.

Analyzing the Gibbs Model Concerning Social Media

Gibbs Reflective Cycle or the Gibbs Reflective Framework is also termed the Gibbs Model which is the methodological strategy for reflection and critical thinking. This model was first originated in the year 1988 by the British sociologist and psychologist Graham Gibbs. This model is defined under the following heads:

  • Description

  • Feelings

  • Evaluation 

  • Analysis

  • Conclusion 

  • Action plan


So from the above report, it can be concluded that it is wholly based on the topic of social media and its detailed explanation. Various subtopics are also explained keeping in mind the main topic which is personal learning identities, core competencies, etc. In this report, the main focus was given to the importance of personal learning identities and their influence on learning. Various research evidence is also analyzed based on the topic. 

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