A Review and Comparison of Specific Cloud Service Provider Technologies

There are essentially four specific cloud markets that dominate the cloud service providers. Alibaba, which is found within the Asia-Pacific and China region, AWS, Microsoft, and Google. Out of these, the latter three operate all over the world. Additionally, there are smaller cloud services that are associated with assuring tailored support for the legacy services. Cloud computing assignments can be excruciatingly difficult for students. Treat Assignment Help provides Cloud Computing Assignment Help Service for students all over the globe.

What are the criteria for choosing providers of Cloud Computing?

Assignment help experts from Treat Assignment Help have listed the following reasons: 

  1. Needs of Business: Certain businesses require the acceptance of cloud computing technologies. A thorough comprehension of requirements of business needs will ascertain a better choice of a particular cloud computing technology.

  2. Cost: The budget allocated for conducting migration should be considered. The budget should comprise infrastructure, price of service, licenses, etc.

  3. Data Security: Corporate Data is highly valuable. Thus, it should remain encrypted. It is essential that before selecting providers for cloud computing the quality standards along with the security of a particular provider is thoroughly assessed.

  4. Technical: Before finalizing a specific provider, the company should assess the technical competencies along with the operational capabilities of the particular service provider.

  5. Company Profile: The company profile is an essential aspect of selecting a particular provider of cloud computing technology.

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Types of Cloud Service Providers

Before selecting a particular cloud service provider for your specific business, companies need to have a thorough idea of the different types of cloud service providers. Following are the three major kinds of cloud service providers:

  • IaaS Cloud Providers: It offers components like servers along with storage and virtual machines. Additionally, it also provides networking.

  • PaaS Cloud Providers: It is associated with the delivery of infrastructure components with tools required for software development.

  • SaaS Cloud Providers: It is associated with software solutions such as different applications, editing programs email services, and CRM systems.

Best Cloud Service Providers 

We have listed the four major cloud service providers:

  1. Amazon Web Services: An undisputed leader, AWS introduces technological trends such as machine learning along with artificial intelligence and blockchain.

  2. Microsoft Azure: The hybrid platform of Microsoft integrates IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. It is utilized in financial, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare industries exceedingly.

  3. IBM Cloud: The IBM Cloud is associated with public, private along with hybrid platforms. It integrates services such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. 

  4. Google Cloud Platform: Google is associated with services such as Computing, Storage, and Migration. Additionally, it is also associated with ascertaining media solutions and machine learning.

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