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https://www.treatassignmenthelp.co.uk/service/management-assignment-helpLeadership is the most required quality in a person. If it is about a businessman then it becomes more essential to have the quality of a leader. Leaders are managers also, as they have to lead a team. It is a quality in which a leader does not compel the followers to follow him or his instructions, rather they get ready to follow their leader. Thus it can be said that leadership is that quality in which the followers willingly follow their leaders.  The assignment help of leadership models is provided by the Treat assignment help UK.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the ability to motivate the team so that it can work according to the aspirations of the leaders or managers. Thus leadership is the quality to lead the organisation. Leaders are known as motivators also. They have to inspire their team so that pre-determined targets and goals can be attained. In other words, leadership is a guideline that helps the followers to achieve their ultimate goals.  Leadership Assignment help is provided by the Treat assignment help. You can avail of online assignment help also.

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What are the prime Leadership models?

Autocratic leadership Model: in this, the focus is on trust and efficiency. They take the decisions alone or with a small group and expect employees to do exactly what is instructed by the leaders. These can be military commanders because in organisation decisions cannot be taken alone as the teamwork is done to attain the desired goals.

Democratic Model: in this style, the leader takes every decision with the help of other employees. He asks for suggestions and invites these from all the staff. This is the most effective and common leadership style which is used in the corporate sector. In the organisations, top-level management accepts the below-level management assignment help opinions and then take any decision.. This creates a positive influence on the minds of employees.

Visionary Model: this style is used in business when a new idea or innovation is developed. A visionary leader is able in establishing a strong organisational goal. They accept the change and motivate the staff, members also to cope up with the change or new technology.

Coaching leadership Model: here the coaching leader is the one who knows the strength and weaknesses of the employees. These leaders assist the team members and guide them in attaining the desired goals. They are very clear in setting the goals and then have a positive attitude in capturing those.

Task-Oriented Leadership Model: In it, the focus is given to the completion of the task. The leader of the firm dictates the task which is to be done by the employees and the employees follow the instructions so that the particular task can be completed in a specific time.

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Critical Evaluation of the Leadership Models

There is a great role of leadership models in carrying business activities, these are part of online assignments. Still, there is some loopholes of these theories these are described as under:

Autocratic Model: in this model, the decisions are taken alone and this is not a good sign for the companies which are having a decentralised model of working in the company.

Contingency Model: this model is less flexible. The leadership model should be flexible so that it can be changed as per the situation so this model is not that much effective as it should be.

Task-Oriented Model: it is a model where the leadership is reflected by the tasks. Sometimes the employees do not catch the exact intention of the leaders and they are not able to perform the tasks as these are dictated.

Democratic Model: in this model, the decisions are taken with the help of other staff members. But sometimes it can be seen that some employees are given more priority than others so this can present a wrong intention of the staff members.

Coaching leadership Model: due to lack of required experience, the leaders are not able to assist the employees. So this can create a wrong impact on the mind of staff members.

Thus in the given way, it can be said that these are some models which are having both positive and negative sides. Still, these leadership models are used in the company so that the workings and the functioning of the business can be managed effectively. 

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The era is full of competition in such cases the employee turnover ratio is also very high. Therefore for maintaining employee sustainability, good leadership skills are required. A good leader can affect the working patterns and behaviour of the employees. With this, leadership plays a vital role in self-development also. If the companionship of a good leader is taken then his influence personality can be improved.

There are some features of good leadership, these are as follows:

Integrity: it is the first quality that refers the self-development. It is the foundation of good leadership. No matter how complicated the situation is, good leaders always make the effort to perform in the best way.

Innovative: it is the other prime quality. Time is changing day by day, so in such an emerging technical era it is important to accept the change and new technical expertise. Innovation can help the team in working smoothly and quickly. With this, it saves time also.

Honesty: well, the leader in the apple of the eye for everyone. So his skills and qualities can influence others. Honesty is a very important tool, if honesty is maintained and followed then the employees will also perform their duties faithfully.

Active listening: being a good listener is a very important tool of leadership. Patience is very important in listening, and this help in leadership skill development also.

Self-confidence: if a leader is not having confidence then he will not be able to create a sound and effective impact on others. So self-confidence is the essence of leadership.

Strong communicator: the leader is the most important person for an organisation. The leader should be a good communicator. He should dictate all the relevant data in a structured way so that the followers can listen to him 

Thus these are some qualities of good leadership practice. These qualities help in developing self-confidence. Apart from this, communication skills also play a significant role in leadership. 

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