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In the UK there was a contact lenses seller who used to sell the contact lenses at higher prices. So everyone was not in the state to afford these lenses. Therefore Hubble decided to enter into this market and it used to sell the contact lenses at affordable prices. By this, the people who were not financially well, came to the state to afford the contact lenses at a reasonable price. The case study of Hubble contact lenses was revealed by the Harvard Business School. The case study helps the readers to assess the problems and their solutions. So in short if you are a marketing student then you may be asked to solve the Hubble case study and use it in your marketing assignment. Therefore we are here to provide the Hubble contact lenses case study assignment help. Treat assignment help is always ready to give you the best assistance. We are providing assignment writing services. We provide management assignment help, marketing assignment help, HR assignment help, MBA assignment help, accounting assignment help, finance assignment help and online assignment help.

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What are the different models which can be used in solving the case study?

Treat Assignment Help has a team of experts who write quality content. We have a team of experienced professionals who are having complete knowledge about writing the case study assignments. As far as the Hubble contact lenses case study is concerned there are some popular strategic methods that can be used, these are as under:

  • Porter Five force analysis.

  • PESTEL analysis.

  • VRIO analysis.

  • BCG matrix analysis.

  • Marketing mix analysis.

  • The SWOT analysis.

So the team of expert’s writers of the Treat Assignment Help use the above mentioned strategic models in solving the management case study assignments.

What are the important elements of the Hubble case study?

While doing the marketing study you have to be very alert as you have to work with the best potential so that you can understand the market structure and its policies. With this for the students who are doing study in the marketing field, have to do the study of Hubble contact lenses case study also. So the prime elements of the case study are as follows:

  • How a strong network of distribution can be set up.

  • Utilizing innovative marketing tools.

  • Entering new market segments and regions.

  • Importance of the network.

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The sample of Hubble case study, and marketing solutions

This case study is to be described in the form of a report. So the case study of the Hubble contact lenses is to be written in the report format and the structure of the case study is as follows:

Introduction: in it, you have to write that how the Hubble contact lenses case study has been reviewed by Harvard business. With this the tendency of Hubble to directly enter into consumer marketing. This introduction will help the reader in acquiring knowledge about marketing rules. The case study is based on the current starting problem of the company and maintains a competitive position in the market. The case study helps to describe the consumer marketing strategic tools.

External analysis: in this section, the external factors of the market and their impact on the company is to be described. Such as Porter's five force model, pestle analysis and marketing models of the business environment is described under this head.

Methods: the purpose of the case study and why this case study helps to learn the strategic business solutions is explained.

Results: in it, the outcome of the case study and the response to the questionnaire, interviews and observations are considered.

Discussion: here the study of the consumer marketing solutions and the study about the people, particular situations, events and market segments is described with the pros and cons impact.

Recommendation: in this section, the recommendations to change the future activities of the business are described. With this what precautions are to be taken so that no marketing problem can take place are also the part of this head. To describe the Hubble case study more effectively the SWOT analysis of the Hubble case study can be conducted under this head. In this way, the positive and the negative sides of the case study are described here. Still, if you feel any issue or problem then you may contact us, we are always ready to assist you in your marketing assignment.

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