Choosing Unique Public Speaking Topics and Ideas for Students

To thrive in today’s highly advanced world, a person needs to exhibit a certain set of skills which have to be focused upon from the very childhood. These essential skills are communication, time management, critical thinking, adaptability, etc. and the curriculum from elementary to college education plays an important role in developing them through various activities.

Among these, communication skills are significant throughout academic, professional, and social life and students are involved in tasks such as GDs, debates, public speaking, mock interviews, storytelling, etc. But when it comes to public speaking students often get confused in selecting a good topic that meets the standards of the competition.

Are you also preparing for a public speaking and looking for a topic? In this article, we will enlist some of the best topics for all academic levels that you can pick for your speech. So let's prepare for your outstanding speech together!

How to choose a topic for a speech in public speaking?

  • Determine the purposeThere can be several events where you may give a speech such as educational, motivational, or entertainment. This will help in getting clear objectives according to which the speech can be prepared
  • Focus on your interest areaIf you have to deliver a speech on a desired topic then start by coming up with a list of subjects that you are interested in which will make researching, writing, and delivering more interesting for both you and your audience.
  • Understand the audienceTake into account the preferences, knowledge levels, and interests of the audience that is going to hear you. Consider what would be meaningful to them and relevant to their situations or issues.
  • Get aware of the recent trends For choosing a topic that is current and relevant, it is important to stay informed about current trends and affairs. Audiences are usually interested in subjects relating to current affairs, societal problems, or emerging trends because they can relate to them.
  • Define the discourse of the topicMake sure your topic is appropriate for the time allotted and shouldn't be overly broad or too specific. A narrow topic enables thorough investigation and clarity in your presentation.

Why is it important to choose a good topic?

  • Speech delivery A good topic can influence the delivery of the speech as well-written content is a must for effective speaking and for preparing such content a topic that meets the checklist should be selected.
  • Audience retentionThe audience is there to listen to some interesting discussion and their attention to the speech depends on what the speaker is talking about. A skillfully chosen topic inculcates interest and ensures the retention of the audience.
  • Enhance knowledgeStudent public speaking provides great learning opportunities for students and selecting a topic that is new and addresses trends helps in enhancing knowledge of the subject as well as recent issues.
  • Skill developmentA compelling topic inspires the speaker to put in the time and effort necessary for preparation. Students are more likely to go deeply into the material and offer information that is knowledgeable and persuasive which helps in skill development.

Some topics for student public speaking

  1. Speech Topics for Elementary School

  • My favourite comic superhero 
  • How do I spend my free time
  • What I did this summer vacation
  • My favourite family story. 
  • Discuss important oral hygiene habits
  • My ambitions in life.
  • The place I want to visit in the world
  • My favourite cartoon shows
  • How I celebrated my last birthday 
  • My favourite hobbies 
  • My favourite teacher in school
  1. Speech Topics for Middle School

  • Speak about your favourite sport or game
  • Speech on the importance of reading
  • Speech on how teachers are important in career-building
  • Discuss about good touch and bad touch 
  • Discuss our solar system and interesting facts about it
  • Tell about different types of pollution 
  • How to develop healthy eating habits 
  • Social problems in our community
  • Precaution while using mobile phones 
  • Tell about a famous historical monument
  • Unique world record set in history
  1. Speech Topics for High School

  • Pros and cons of social media
  • Are you in support of or against legalising assisted suicide
  • How youth can be a great asset for a country
  • Why should we use paper bags instead of plastic?
  • My ambitions in life
  • Effective tips to maintain stress during exams
  • Difference between gender equity and quality
  • How to deal with bullies in school
  • Textbooks shouldn’t be replaced by technology in high schools.
  • Impact of literature on society
  1. Speech Topics for College Students

  • How psychology impacts decision-making
  • How social media has impacted physical, social, and mental aspects
  • Internet of Things in Daily Life
  • Sustainable development for future generation 
  • Importance of space programs for a country
  • Child labour is a crime that should attract severe punishment
  • How youth is negatively affected due to intoxication
  • Artificial intelligence: A boon or Ban?
  • Why it is important to be self-confident
  • Capitalism vs communism


Student public speaking contributes to fostering communication skills in children from the beginning of their elementary education. Your topic hugely influences the delivery of your speech so you have to consider various aspects before selecting a topic. In this post, we have discussed how a good topic can be chosen for your speech along with suggestions of some relevant topics for elementary, middle, and high school as well as college students. All the best for your competition.

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