How to Ask for an Extension on an Assignment?

While writing the assignments sometimes there can be a delay in delivering the assignments therefore it is always advisable to write and deliver the assignments on time. Still, if there is any delay then the extension can be given to the student if the reason is fair and valid. Now the question arises that what is the mode for asking the extension. So it has a prescribed format in which the extension is asked for. Extensions are beneficial to reduce the stress of the work and sometimes or in some cases the students need to deliver their best. So extensions are sought in some special cases. Treat Assignment Help UK, is an online assignment writing agency. It helps in the finance assignment help, marketing assignment help, management assignment help, MBA assignment help, online assignment help, and accounting assignment help

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When the Extension is Asked for?

Well, it is always important to deliver the assignments on time. But in some cases, there can be delays in delivering the assignments. In that case, the extension is asked for. With this if the assignment is misunderstood or wrong understood then also the need for an extension is asked for so that the unclear concepts and doubt can be sorted out. With this, the students who are good in studies and always get good marks, are given the extension easily. This is all because of their hard work and strong background. So extension can be asked for to become more fluent in writing and expressing the content more effectively so that no doubt should be left unclear.

How to Ask for an Extension?

For seeking the extension it is required to write an email to your professor. In this mail, the reason for not delivering the assignment on time is mentioned. With this, the request for extension is explained with the new deadlines. The prime element is to disclose the reason for the extension. The mail should be short. It should not be too lengthy. The extension can be asked for by taking the help of these steps:

Determining the deadline: to ask for the extension you should first know the deadline of the assignment, whether it is flexible or fixed. You should try your best to sum up the assignment before the deadline but still, if you feel that you are not able to deliver it on time then you should search the status of the deadline.

Deciding how to ask: the extension can be asked with the help of email. You can send an email to your professor then the extension can be given to you after considering that email by your instructor.

Providing reasonable reasons: to ask for the extension you should first provide the specific reasons for not completing the assignment on time. The reason should be valid and authentic so that it can be considered by your tutor.

Showing the level of dedication: you have to show your tutor that you are not careless and you have full focus on your studies. But due you some special reasons you could not deliver the assignment on time. So in short you have to show dedication to him.

Setting a new deadline: the extension request should include the exact duration, that how much time you are going to take to complete the assignment. So you have to mention the new deadline for your assignment submission.

Showing gratitude: this is the last element of the extension request. In this section, you have to show gratitude. This can create a humble impact on the mind of the tutor and he will feel at ease in granting you the extension.

What are the Points which are required to Consider Before Asking for an Extension?

To ask for an extension, is having a simple way but before asking for an extension some points are to be considered these are:

•   Course Book.
•   Module Guide
•   Overview of the subjects
•   And the combination of the above.

Well, these all points should be kept in mind before asking for an extension. It is essential to know about the coursebook and module as by this the requirement of the course and assignments and its deadline can be attained. Treat Assignment Help, UK is working in such way as the students have no need to ask for an extension, it delivers the assignment help on time.

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What are the reasons which are to be expressed before the Professor to ask for an extension?

Reasons for asking for the extension should be genuine. These can be in two different modes such as it can be expressed by you that you need the extension because marks are your priority and this is the reason that you need more time. Apart from this, the other reason for asking for the extension can be other matters which required your attention more than writing the assignment. Thus there can be some genuine reasons for you to ask for an extension. Well, it is often noticed that the students who always get good marks or score well are easily given the extension. It is just because of the best performance of the student.

With this, the professor should be convinced that the next time you will not runways from your assignment’s deadline. You should express your feeling to the professor this can create a positive impact on his mind and the extension would be given easily to the student. 

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Some Common FAQs

At what time the extension can be asked for?

Well, an extension can be asked during office hours or at any time which should be as per the comfort of the professor. Apart from this if you have any doubt in any question and you have to clear that then you should surely contact with the professor during office hours so that he can resolve your queries better.

Why there is a need for an extension?

The extension is required to explore the topics more briefly. If you are unable to submit the assignment on time then you can ask for an extension. With this you face some ulcer directions in solving the paper then also the extension can be asked for. Sometimes it happens that the direction of the professor is not clear then the whole class can discuss this thing with the professor and can ask for extending the deadline of the assignment. Meanwhile, the professor is asked to clear the concepts in the class.

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