Frustrated About Plagiarism In Academic Writing? Try These Tips To Avoid It

Plagiarism is unethical, Not allowed, strictly prohibited… simply out of question!

You should never ever try the tempting route to copy from the internet and reveal unethical behavior in your writing. The accusation and the aftermath can send shivers down the spine of many.  It may cost you your academic career if you get caught. Rather than simply copying from the web, you can seek guidance from assignment help companies to meet the tightest deadlines.

Assignment writing help companies

Assignment writing services write from scratch, thus you can be assured that the produced work is original and plagiarism-free. Treat Assignment Help is ranked as the number one assignment help in UK with a proven record of timely delivering 100% plagiarism-free papers. We deliver Turnitin-approved quality of papers as we always draft your assignments from scratch. Not only this, we use the latest and most sophisticated technology to ensure that our offered Assignment help is free from any accusation of unethical behavior like plagiarism.
What counts as plagiarism?

Treat Assignment Help is a team of experts offering assignment help in UK. Our experts take on identifying possible cases of plagiarism is summarized below, have a look:

  • When you turn in someone else’s work

  • When you fail to cite the sources properly

  • When you loosely paraphrase the content

  • When you self-plagiarize and recycle your own text

Any of the above cases is considered unethical in an academic setting. Not just word-to-word copying is seen as immoral, if you are using someone else’s unique ideas without giving them the credit then you are guilty. 

When you try to look at the diversity of content, it is obviously difficult to create totally unique content. The likelihood of found guilty of copying is higher with the increasing number of publications available online. To be honest, your tutors know your flair and they can detect the case of plagiarism just by looking at the sentence structure or the flow of ideas. 

So, what to do? It is important to find trustworthy academic writing services in UK otherwise it may cause serious consequences.  

5 tips to avoid plagiarism

A simple solution to the complex problem is to take the assistance of assignment writing services. Alternatively, you can follow the expert-recommended tips to avoid plagiarism.

• Citation is your friend, keep it with you wherever you go, whatever you do. Make sure that you always cite the source when you are using the words or the ideas of others.

• When you are unable to find alternative words then it is always useful to insert the words with quotation marks to avoid accusations.

• Loose paraphrasing is where most students get caught. Try to write the idea in your own words without changing its meaning. Writing in your own words is not as easy as it sounds, the tip is to expand your vocabulary and learn the skill of creative writing. Avail help of essay writing services in UK to know various ways to express the ideas.  

• Don’t try to repeat what the original author is saying. It is already published publicly, try to sum that up in a unique way without altering the meaning. When you are about to insert someone else’s idea, set aside the piece and think about other imaginative ways to put that idea in your own words. 

• When in doubt, take the help of technology, you can always get the help of tools to detect plagiarism. Plagiarism Detector, Small SEO Tools, Turnitin, Grammarly and Duplichecker are the most common tools which students and tutors use to detect plagiarism.

• To avoid plagiarism, it is advised that you start writing from scratch. The draft that you prepare should be done in your own words. Make notes and turn away from the original sources to write plagiarism-free work. As a smart option, you can seek guidance from reliable assignment help services that assuredly prepare original and plagiarism-free drafts. 

Plagiarism free assignment writing help services

Plagiarism free assignment writing help services 

Reviewing high volumes of assignments is not practical, that’s why universities deal with plagiarism with the help of technology. To secure your academic integrity, make sure that you are good enough to beat the technology. 

Citing the sources and using plagiarism tools is an easy breeze, but what about writing in your own words? Most students panic because of their academic writing skills. A few common mistakes can lead you to serious accusations, so make sure you get a better view of the given topic by getting in touch with Treat Assignment Help. We are the number one English Assignment Help in UK helping students with writing assignments, essays, dissertations and more. If you are in need of 100% plagiarism-free science, humanities, management, engineering, or History Assignment Help in UK, you can request us a free quote right now.


1. How to write in your own words?

Academic journals and research papers contain words that students usually don’t understand, which is why they get tempted to loosely paraphrase. It is considered plagiarism, so make sure you avoid the words you don’t understand and try to grasp the conceptual meaning to be able to write it in your own words.

2. How to write plagiarism-free assignments?

Make it a habit to cite the sources. Try not to paraphrase the content, instead use your imagination and write it in your own words. You can take help from plagiarism detector tools or get the guidance of assignment help services to avail of original content. 

3. What should be done before submitting an assignment?

Often assignments are submitted via the service sites of the educational institutions, which work on in-built plagiarism detector tools. So before turning in an assignment, you should make sure that the entire piece is free from plagiarism. 

4. How to remove plagiarism from assignments for free?

There are lots of AI-based tools that you can use to remove the detected plagiarism from your assignments. It might affect the flow and style of the content. So, it is always a good idea to keep the content unique from the start. From unique and original assignment help in UK, you can prefer the professionals at Treat Assignment Help

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