Discussing The Key Responsibilities Of Human Resource Management

The human resource department acts as a coordinator in an organisation. It is crucial to the success of an organisation to have an efficient HR department because the department plays an essential role in coordinating other departments like finance, sales, logistics and more. 

If the human resource department is inefficient, no other department in the organisation can coordinate effectively and hence the growth objectives become hard to achieve. If you need assignment help on the topic of the roles and responsibilities of the HR department, then this post can be of great help. 

In today’s post, we will discuss the key duties and responsibilities of human resource management. Further, we will discuss the secret to improving your understanding and scoring higher in such assignments. 

What is the definition of human resources department?

According to Zeebaree and Shukur, Human Resource Department can be defined as a workforce management system. The department is required for the management of all employee related processes. 

Some scholars consider the HRM department as the workforce of an organization while others consider it as a business function. In simple words, human resources department ensures that employees are capable to perform day to day activities. Therefore, HR managers play an essential role in creating a healthy work environment. 

Why is important to have an efficient human resource department?

HR professionals perform a plethora of tasks like generalized tasks for day to day operations and specialised tasks of sourcing and hiring. Hence it is important to have an efficient HR department to increase firm and employee performance.

Due to the link between employee productivity and firm performance, it is considered crucial to have an efficient human resource department. If you connect with MBA assignment writers, you get access to scholarly database which points out the necessity of having a high performing human resource department. Below are the outcomes when the HR department lacks efficiency:

  1. Employee conflict

  2. Lack of training

  3. Poor team building

  4. Affected workplace standards

  5. Higher employee turnover rate

  6. Less productive workplace

  7. Hiring of underskilled labour

When the HR department fails to perform its activities efficiently, it leads to a demotivated workforce, lesser productivity and lowered sales and profitability. 

Outcomes When The HR Department Lacks Efficiency

What are the key duties and responsibilities of the human resource department?

Now that you know the outcomes of an ineffective human resource department, it is important to understand the key responsibilities so that you can learn to be a better HR manager in future. In simple words, the goal of the HR department is to ensure employee productivity and it is crucial for every HR management to ensure that these goals are achieved. Following are the key duties and responsibilities that are defined by assignment help experts who provide high scoring solutions to MBA students.

  1. Traditional HR practices:These include the responsibilities of recruitment, employee benefits, training, recognition and monitoring of employee performance.

  2. Human resource governance:These practices involve key roles to attain a competitive edge, such as work culture management, resolving conflicts, setting rules for promotion, employee relations and legal compliance.

  3. Organisational learning:After onboarding talented candidates, the HR department works on training and development functions so that the entire workforce learns the significance of inter-department coordination.


Based on the discussion of the available literary evidence, it can be said that Human Resource Department is crucial to increase employee and firm performance. There are various roles and responsibilities that the HR department performs to achieve the objective of competitive edge. Contact Treat Assignment Help experts if you need assignment help on such topics. We are recognised as one of the best HR assignment writing services because of the offered assurance of plagiarism free work, timely delivery, unlimited and free revisions and a competitive price range.

Human Resource Management


What is the definition of human resources department?

Scholars define the human resources department as a workforce management system. This department plays a crucial role in employee and firm performance. The theory of HRM practices determines that there is a link between employee and firm performance. Further, there are lots of literary definitions that see the human resources department as a system to attain a competitive edge. If you need an in-depth discussion on the literary studies and definition of HRM practices then connect with the PhD experts at Treat Assignment Help. 

What are the key roles and duties of human resources department?

Human resource department undertakes various duties and responsibilities to enhance the performance of an organisation. The key functions are recruitment, planning HR policies, recognition, development programs, employee support, and organisational learning. Get a quote from Treat Assignment Help if you are facing any difficulties in writing about HR department roles and responsibilities. We offer high quality plagiarism free work at an affordable price.

How to write a high scoring assignment on the functions human resources department?

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