Defining HRM Recruitment Models And Selection Theories

HRM refers to Human Resource Management and it is a wide field that is studied by many professionals in business practices. These practices should be taken very seriously by the firms if they are aiming to be successful for a longer period of time. These models help to recognize and give solutions to the upcoming needs of the targeted employees of an organization. So Human managers of a company should focus on choosing the right model according to their needs.

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Recruitment and Selection Process

To make sure that the goals set by the organization should be achieved at all costs then it’s the duty of HRM that they hire employees with the right skill sets and a positive mindset for the company and colleagues. For the firm to achieve long-term and short-term objectives, the HR managers have to follow a strategic approach.

Recruitment Process

After knowing all the gaps in the company, HRM has to plan and understand by attracting the required candidates. The recruitment process should be taken seriously and with the help of a proper plan, it will become so much easier for them to hire the appropriate employee for them. A study tells that hiring an individual who will perfectly fit the company is the first step towards the success of the company. It will give advantage to them while competing in the market.

Selection Process

The selection process is started once after the recruitment is done. The process of selection should have a powerful strategy to select the candidate who adds up to the progress of the company. the selection process can include different strategies like interviewing, testing, checking for references, work experience, etc. to make it easier, the company can also match the goals of the company with the expertise of the applicants.

One thing that a company should take care of is that the selection process should be completely legal and fair. There should not be any kind of discrimination or wrong practices towards them. The candidates should not be targeted on the basis of their class, religion, gender, or cultural background. Most successful companies believe that diversity in their team is one of the biggest reasons for their success. These strategies are needed to apply seriously to make sure that the organizational demands get their targeted human capital supply.

What are HRM Selection Models and Theories?

There are some models which help the HR manager to recruit and select the right candidate for a particular job. These models are called the HRM selection models. The methods, strategies, tactics, and goals that are used by business managers and owners to make the policies and procedures for the employees are called Human Resource Theories. These theories explain very well how the structures and practices can influence the behavior of the employee whether in a positive or negative way.

Different HRM Selection Models

The subject of human resources has the concepts of business theories and sociology. There are different theories and science goes behind the making of these models. There are some models and practices which are there for many decades and some are still updating as per the requirements of modern times.

The Five P’s Model

There are 5 P’s in this model which helps to develop a perfect strategy for HRM. It's one condition is that all of the P’s should balance each other out. They are:

  • Performances

  • People

  • Processes

  • Purpose

  • Principles

The Warwick Model

  • This model of HRM is developed by Andrew Pettigrew and Chris Hendry. This model used the Harvard model as a base model and then made changes to refine it further.

The Harvard Model

  • This model of HRM is one of the most used and oldest models. It had an influence on the hiring process for many years.


HRM models and strategies are very important to hire the appropriate candidate for the job position. You can also choose an academic assignment helper who is able to provide information about the models.


What are the other models of HRM recruitment and selection?

Ans. There are many HRM selection models. Some of them are explained above and the others are given here:

  • The Ulrich Model

  • The 8-Box model

  • The standard casual model

  • The ATSD Competency model

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