Academic Service Learning In Human Resource Management Education

Human resource management is a subject that helps the organization to build a relationship between workers and management to increase their efficiency of work. The reason students learn academic service is that it helps them to develop critical thinking skills. There is much academic writing help available in the market to provide writing services for students who need guidance and assignment help in academic service learning. Some elements of service learning are based on creativity, challenges, connectivity, continuity, and contextualization. The aim of academic service learning in human resource management is to improve students’ action skills, reflection skills, and learning skills. Academic service learning helps students to develop their skills to manage and understand an organization. 

Role of academic service learning in HRM

Developing skills and learning from experiences is an important part of human resource management. Academic service-learning helps students to learn about the importance of encouraging employees for professional development. Academic service learning affects students’ communication and leadership qualities. It reduces stereotyping culture and develops a sense of responsibility, and career development.

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Role of academic service learning in HRM

Role and responsibilities of HRM

HR management has some functions to increase the quality of production in an organization. HRM functions in an organization are worker training and development, designing and analyzing their work, hiring and selecting employees, communication, and engagement, and managing the organization’s environment, these are some roles that HR manages in an organization. HR manages the functioning of an organization.

1. Training and development

Hiring the right candidate for the organization and training them to enhance their workability and workforce to increase the growth of the firm.  

2. Work designing and work analysis

HRM also has to design the job with needed duties and responsibilities. Hiring the perfect candidate and analyzing their work is another role of human resources.

3. Hiring and selection

Recruitment and hiring the right candidates for an organization to boost its productivity to achieve its goals. It is also HRM’s s important role of function.

4. Communication and engagement

Engagement of employees with each other is an important factor for an organization. HRM has to manage the employee engagement of the firm and has to manage the communication between the firm and its employees.

5. Organization’s internal environment management

HRM tries to create a good and healthy work environment for the organization for the workers and employees, so they can work in a peaceful environment and increase their productivity.

Role and responsibilities of HRM

Advantages of academic service learning

Academic service learning is an important part of the education system. It helps to develop students’ critical thinking. That increases their growth in different areas.

1. Social growth

Social growth is of two types which are socio-cultural growth and socio-political growth, that results in the high awareness and information of society that motivates students to become a part of it.

2. Spiritual and personal growth

Academic service learning help students explore different cultural backgrounds and get inspiration from them while influencing them for their future education or career and sharing their thoughts with people who belong to the same background.

3. Psycho-social growth

Service learning helps students to learn new abilities that boost their self-confidence, and teach them to handle their stress.

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Conclusive statement

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  1. What is the function of human resource management?

The main function of human resource management is planning and controlling organizational activity, the correct way of utilizing the workforce, hiring deserving candidates, and maintaining a peaceful work environment.

  1. What is academic service learning?

Academic service learning is an educational approach to teaching theories to students in classrooms and volunteering with any organization which is non-profitable.

  1. What are the factors affecting academic learning?

There are many factors that affect academic service learning Cultural impacts, technology roles, learning motivation, learning strategies, and many more.

  1.  What are the characteristics of academic learning?

The characteristics of academic learning are logical statements, intellectual, objective, and insight with practical applications.

  1. Why learning HR is important?

Learning about Human resources or HR is important because they have strategies and ideas to help an organization decide their employee’s discipline and areas of skills to improve.

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